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Richarson was excited because of seeing Da Luo: bring back the championship

Recently, Ronaldo interviewed Richardon.EssenceRicharison saw Ronaldo with his hands for a while, grabbed his back and neck for a while, and even shyly dare not look directly at Ronaldo.

After sitting down, Richarson said, “I’m very excited, because like Neymar, he is my idol.” He was still a little red at that time. “For me, you (Ronaldo) inspired mePeople. I have also imitated your hairstyle in 2002, I believe you have seen it. “

After listening to Rillyson’s words, Ronaldo said to him, “I inspired you at the time, and now it is your turn to use technology, goals, and field joy to motivate Brazilian children.” After aliens: “We are proud of you, we support you very much.”

Ronaldo used to be the “No. 9 killer” in Brazil. This jersey is now inherited by Richarson, and the latter lives up to expectations. He has scored 3 goals in the World Cup.Richarison said that whenever he wore a Brazilian jersey, he would score a lot of balls like God. It was a happy way to wear No. 9 battle jacket. It would be glorious to this jersey.Ronaldo also affirmed its strength. Great Rylussen was a striker that everyone had never seen for a long time.

It was 2002 that Brazil won the World Cup championship last time. Ronaldo also seized Reliesen, “Continue to score and bring the sixth World Cup champion back to Brazil.”

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  1. In addition to adding some harmful heavy metals to the human body, gold foil basically mixed in the shit and discharged from the body, and there was no egg.

  2. You are stupid or not stupid

  3. “I inspired you at the time. Now it is your turn to use technology, goals, and field joy to inspire Brazilian children.” How good to inherit, hey, we are not just the ball skills.Ah …

  4. Unfortunately at that time, the Internet was not as developed as it is now, otherwise there is a celebrity west dare to call the prisoner

  5. After 20 years, the inheritance of the new and old No. 9 in Brazil …

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