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Richarnson’s inverted goal is scheduled to score one of the best goals this season

In the World Cup group G Group G, Brazil defeated Serbia 2-0 with Richarnson’s two goals, and Richarrison’s second goal was particularly beautiful in the game. It has scheduled one of the best goals in the World Cup.

In the 74th minute, Venus made a cross from the left, and Richarison broke the goal 13 yards after stopping the ball to help Brazil rewrite the score to 2-0.From picking up the ball to turning around and turning the air, Richarson’s actions are continuous and smooth continuously, with both speed, and have a high sense of beauty.

After the game, Relison revealed the process of scoring his goal: “I didn’t stop the ball, this is the error of the striker. When I saw the ball bounced, I decided to turn it. The shot must be accurate because their goalkeepervery high!”

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