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Reporter: The South Korean team can kick it seriously or not shame to Asian football

In the first round of the World Cup H, South Korea tied Uruguay 0-0. After the game, reporter Xiao Yan talked about the performance of the South Korean team.

Xiao Yan said on his personal Weibo: The South Korean team is serious.No shame for Asian football!

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  1. A team in Asia is the shame of Asia![Yun Bei]

  2. This is the case at all aspects

  3. Chinese football did not take the Japanese team in their eyes.However, advanced countries can always rely on their own comprehensive advantages to find a countermeasures and produce the effects that we cannot achieve.So why is it so football?

  4. Uruguay team No. 1 is larger than South Korean players

  5. Uruguay team is more than the body of Uruguay players than the Korean player.Praise

  6. Gust the glory of Asian football, okay?

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