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Reporter: The National Football Army Training is the requirements of the General Administration

“Football” reporter Chen Yongfen talked about the relevant situation of the National Football Team’s military training next year.

The reporter said that first, this is not the originality of the Football Association, but the practice of Chinese sports. For example, the champion teams of table tennis teams and badminton teams have not affected their achievements at all.And the feedback of the table tennis team at that time was good, there were related videos, you can see.

Second, the winter training work from 2022 to 2023 has clear relevant documents. The requirements of the General Administration of Sports are that the teams must conduct a week -long military training, and there are also relevant requirements for physical indicators.

Third, this military training may be a week, mainly to learn excellent style, and it should not have too cruel training.

Fourth, the feedback of various sports projects may be related to the performance of sports projects. At that time, table tennis fans said: “Chinese table tennis team military training, wow, seeing this video, full of strength! Men’s table tennis mightyMajestic, women’s positive posture! Vibrant! “

In addition, the physical training is also part of the winter training requirements of the General Administration.Physical training was originally the basis of sports.The Football Association mentioned in the relevant physical training that the national team’s physical training does not conduct simple physical training, but is physical training combined with the sports characteristics of football items.I think the fast confrontation of the 5th to 5 of the audience is good.

It can only be said that the poor family is mourning, and the poor grades are the original sin.

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  1. Sorry, the Football Association is aggrieved!

  2. With your IQ, I am afraid that this life will have to be no longer.It is because the parents have no money to give the physical school meaning and are stifled in the middle. They are exchanged with some rich children. Those children do not want to play a good football at all. He is going to make money.In that set, when I grow up, I will make money to enter the national team. Parents still use the same means to let them enter the national team

  3. NT do not see the United States win the World Cup champion

  4. The general bureau should dissolve

  5. Reply
    RomanticLaoNine1993_657 12月 9, 2022 at 2:35 上午

    What is the use of military training?Grab 100 death sentences to play, and do not score the World Cup finals, the effect is definitely better than the national football team.The style on the

  6. is not excellent, so below is required?This is to think about life with P shares!

  7. The disciplinary style of the competitive team is not inferior to the army and even harsh, such as diet.It is required to introduce military training in the sports team to pursue political achievements.

  8. Before the foreign aid, the Bayi team was good. Whether it was basketball or football, and multiple other sports items

  9. was recruited by the five major theater of football to set up a theater football team to design corresponding salary and rewards.Mechanism, Baozhuang entered the top eight World Cup.

  10. The body is always cut, and the football actually cuts the football as the table tennis and badminton. Table tennis and badminton will be dangerous in the future.[Yun Bei]

  11. Black tooth Chen, with his own strength, admires the abyss of the national football, admires

  12. Military training, is it useful?It is recommended to resume the Bayi team directly, and the national team picks people from the Bayi team.

  13. It is recommended to dig coal

  14. I think each club is equipped with a political commissar, which must take political courses every day

  15. Stay regularly military training, plus the coal kiln for a month

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