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Reporter: Sun Junhao’s return time delayed the Taishan team to face the test even greater

The South Korean team reversed Portugal 2-1 in the last round of the World Cup group stage and entered the top 16.According to reporters, Niu Zhiming, Shandong Taishan Foreign Aid Sun Junhao will postpone the return time.

Reporter Niu Zhiming wrote in his personal social media: “The South Korean team is promoted, so the time of Sun Junhao’s return will be postponed. Continuing the World Cup dream is good, but the test of the Taishan team is even greater.The test is a test connected with one test.. “

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  1. Is Hao Wei resigned to the club, is it true?

  2. What I want to say is not the level of Hao Wei, but other issues, everyone understands.

  3. The gearbox of Taishan composed of Sun Junhao and Moisseus is the best state, with stable car conditions, fast and slow; now the gearbox is Moissez and others, and it cannot reach the best state. Hao Wei is stillThat Hao Wei.Regardless of his level, this is the situation where reality exists!

  4. In fact, Stanqiu feels that there is no presence when it returns.

  5. Is it really sour, is n’t it rare and still fight for the first year?As a result, I ca n’t get in the semi -finals. In the end, I only have to have a chicken butt

  6. The chicken rib champion in the past two years is still left to you, not rare

  7. There is no Sun Junhao, which has little impact on Taishan!The question is Jin Jingdao?

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