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Reporter: Shenzhen team will make up a doll soldier to fight this round of the Super League competition

On December 22, the Organizing Committee of the Chinese Super League announced through official channels that the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Club applied for the reasons to abandon the team to participate in the 32nd round of the Chinese Super League.The deep -footing team reporter Jasmine revealed on his personal Weibo that although the deep foot was not good, he would not abandon the game.

Reporter Jasmine said that compared with Jinmen Tiger, the situation of the Shenzhen team is not much better. Most of the first team members are Yang, and the symptoms are different. Most of them take 7-10 days to recover.Immediately involved in high -intensity games.Among the only a few players, some people recruited, the captain Li Yuanyi and the captain Mi Haolun on the field in the past two rounds.However, the Shenzhen team will not abandon the game, but will continue to make up a doll soldier to compete for the match between tomorrow and the Henan team.

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