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Red King’s solution on the 21st competition analysis: Insufficient defense is difficult to win in England


World Cup England vs Iran

Competition time: November 21st 21:00

England currently ranks 5th in the world. The total value of the team is 1.26 billion euros. The top 32 is the highest value. The team tied the German team 3: 3 in the recent game. In the last 10 games, 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses scored 24 goals and lost 11 goals. The World Cup team has the Premier League, such as Kane, Stirin, Gralish, Mungers, and Fudden. Except for Dot’s Belinsham, the remaining 25 people come from the Premier League. In 2016, the head coach Sos Gate has won the Russian World Cup 4 in 2016. Last year, the runner -up of the European Cup was basically using the 343 formation.

Iran currently ranks 20th in the world. The total value of the team is 59.53 million euros. Currently, the top 32 is ranked 28th. The team’s recent friendly match was lost to Tunisia 0: 2. In the last 10 games, 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses scored 11 goals and lost 7 goals. The ability to face the strong team is still obviously insufficient. The World Cup team is led by Tarami, who has played in Portuguese Portuguese Porto, and Azmund was successfully selected. In addition, the famous players and other famous players such as Jachash and Gurus were also selected. The coach is the Portuguese Quaror Kuiros Second Entering Palace in September. He led Iran to play the 2014 and 2018 World Cup, facing the basis of the 4141 formation in the face of the strong team.

Today, the institution initially gave England’s 1.25 concession. At present, the water level continues to rise. From the perspective of index rationality analysis, this concession is slightly average, and there are still obvious doubts about England’s victory. The difference between the two teams is huge, and England is a natural hot side, but under the governance of Sosgate, the team’s victory ability is slightly average, especially the post -defense problem led by Macquel is not small. Iranian side. Undoubtedly insisting on the defensive counterattack, good news Azmont also returns to training. The team’s lineup is quite neat. Combined with the half -home game of the game in Qatar. It is difficult to win.

Sai Guo Suggestion:

Reference: Let Ping+Live

Index reference: Iran +1.25

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