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Red King’s 9 -day game analysis: Dutch Argentina staged a goal war


World Cup Dutch vs Argentina

Competition time: December 10th at 03:00

The Dutch currently ranked 8th in the world. The group stage scored 5 goals and won 5 goals. 7 points. The first ranked first.In the last 10 games, 8 wins and 2 draws scored 22 goals and lost 8 goals. The offensive and defensive ends are relatively strong.Looking at the World Cup in this World Cup, Van Galle is basically enabled 532 and 3412 formations. In this game, Argentina, which is relatively strong, has a high probability that 532 is used to deal with. The team faces the characteristics of strong goals.There was no injuries, and Depe had returned to the start.

Argentina currently ranks third in the world. The group stage scored 5 goals and scored 5 goals and lost 2 goals. The first team ran out. The knockout match encountered the Australian team. In the end, the opponent was promoted to the top 8 in the last 10 games.8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in various events scored 27 goals and lost 4 goals, but the opponent’s strength is relatively average.This year’s World Cup Argentine lineup is relatively large. The probability of enabled familiar 4231 formations in this field. The probability of Alvarez’s first single striker is very high. Da Paulo has recovered in the lineup.suspect.

From 2.25 to 2 goals, the Dutch kicking method, the frequency of the defender assists will be quite high, but it is an indisputable fact that it is not necessary to go up and down.The probability of seizing opportunities in Argentina to seize the opportunity is definitely not low. The backline of Argentina’s defense is relatively aging. Whether it is Derpe or Gakbo, it will not be too difficult to get the opportunity to get the door.Missing mistakes will be the focus of attention, but there are two teams with strong attack power. The goal should only be a matter of time. In this field, both teams can score.

Sai Guo recommendation:

National Football Reference: 2 goals+4 balls

Reference: No less than 2

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