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Recommended by the selection of two -color ball experts: Yixuan has won 240,000 in 4 consecutive issues!


On November 24th (Thursday), Beijing time, Fucai’s two -color ball ushered in the 22135th lottery, and it was also the 11th issue of the 1.2 billion major award of the two -color ball. In terms of the prediction of the expert record, Yixuan also won the prize of the double -color ball prediction for 4 consecutive periods, winning the prize of 240,000, and the status was hot; Intersection [Web version recharge up to 1188! ]

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[Selected two -color ball experts today]

Yixuan: The recent state of fire! In the last 4 periods, the two -color balls are continuously hits 5 red, 4+1, 5+1, and 4+1, winning a prize of 240,000! Yi Xuan analyzed the lottery data of nearly 20 Thursday this period, helping you the power of the big prize tonight! [View today recommendation]

Mind: In the previous period, the double -color ball was 5+1, and the recent prediction of the first and second prizes was 12.86 million. [View today recommendation]

Sheng Nine days: The prediction of the double -color ball was 5+1 in the previous period. [View today recommendation]

Chen Hua: The previous prediction of the double -color ball 5+1, the red ball killing number was all accurate, and the predicted mid -color ball big lottery second prize was 2 million! [View today recommendation]

Winning Sihai: In the prediction of the previous prediction, the two -color ball 4+1, the prediction of the two -second prize of the two -color ball Lotto 38.62 million! [View today recommendation]

Jiang Xiaojie: In the previous forecast, the double -color ball was 4+1, and the recent prediction of the first prize of 31.63 million in the first prize of the first 31.63 million in the third prize! [View today recommendation]

Li Yang: The previous prediction was 4+1, and the blue ball was in the two consecutive periods. [View today recommendation]

Zhuo Wen: The double -color ball in the last issue, the recent one -class first class 10.66 million+8.51 million, the tired capture of 21,03 million! [View today recommendation]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Expert Selection]

Emperor Ming: In the last 4 periods, the 4th Phase 3D won 3d prizes. [View today recommendation]

Winning Sihai: Two consecutive periods to predict Fortune 3D direct selection and group selection. Pay attention to the number of 2 routes in this issue! [View today recommendation]

[Selected three experts today]

Jiang Shan: Two consecutive periods of prediction hits three direct selections. [View today recommendation]

Yang Guang: The last 5 periods are arranged in the third prize for 4 times, and the prediction of the prediction will be selected! [View today recommendation]

Little Bawang: Three or four times in the last 5 period forecast. [View today recommendation]

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