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Recommended by the selection of Da Lotto experts: Jiang Mingzhong’s second grade 1.34 million took over 20 million


On January 7 (Saturday), Beijing time, the digital gameplay of today’s prizes includes big music, arrangement of Sanhe Fucai 3D.In the prediction of the last issue, the expert Jiang Mingzhong Da Lotto had over 20 million in the second grade, 1.34 million in Tongtong, and 170,000 in the three grades of Liu Wuchen.[Web version recharge up to 1188!]

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[Selection of the Latest Lotto Experts]

Jiang Ming: In the previous period, the second -class Lotto was 1.34 million, and the digital lottery prediction won the prize of 22.06 million. He was good at analyzing the leading comparison of the leader of the leader.[View today recommendation]

Tongtong: In the previous period, the second class of Lotto is 1.34 million. He is good at analyzing the cold code and warm code hot code and omissions.[View today recommendation]

Liu Wuchen: In the previous period, the third prize of the Great Lotto was predicted to win a total of 19.64 million in the first and second prizes of Zhongda Locho Double Color Ball![View today recommendation]

Master Shao: In the prediction of the previous forecast, the third prize of the Grand Lotto was 170,000, and the number of killings in the previous three consecutive periods was all accurate. The prediction was 2.76 million![View today recommendation]

Nie Feiyun: The prediction of the last period of the Lotto 4+1, the prediction of the first and second prizes of the Dato Polying Double Color Ball 42.89 million![View today recommendation]

Lin Jiang: In the previous forecast, the Great Lotto 4+2, the recent forecast winning won 16.15 million.[View today recommendation]

Hua Rong: In the previous prediction, China Da Lotto 4+2, the predicted prediction of the first and second prizes of the Dato Diaotong two -color ball won a total of 15.84 million![View today recommendation]

Zhang Yaoyang: The prediction of the Lotto 4+2 in the previous period, the front area was full, and the prediction of the first two -second prize of the two -color ball was 15.51 million![View today recommendation]

Han Xia: In the previous prediction, the Great Lotto 4+2, the prediction of the two prizes for the two middle schools won a total of 1.59 million![View today recommendation]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Expert Selection]

Xiangxufu Lottery 3D: The last 6th phase of the forecast won 5 times, 3 consecutive periods of predictions [see today recommendation]

Zhuang Defu Cai 3D: The last 5th issue of prediction 4 prizes.

Four Uncle Fucai 3D: Four Predictions in the last 5th issue, 4 consecutive periods of predictions [View Recommended Today]

[Selected three experts today]

Jiangchuan Arrangement 3: Two consecutive periods to predict the direct selection, and the prediction of the first and second prizes of the Dalo Two -color ball is 49.63 million [View Recommended Today]

Li Shan Arranged 3: The last 4th issue of the prediction of the prize 3 times.

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