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Recommended by the selection of Da Lotto experts: Ge Brother Grand Primary 11.62 million!


On January 4th (Wednesday), Beijing time, the digital gameplay of today’s prizes mainly includes big music, arrangement of Sanhe Fucai 3D.In the prediction of the last issue, the expert Johitari Xiti won 11.62 million, and Hao Ranzhong won 970,000 over 10 million, and Wang Dong won over 10 million Menia Lottery 4+2. Welcome to watch![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selection of the Latest Lotto Experts]

Brother Qiang: Welcome to the door!The first prize was captured in the 23001 issue of the Lotto, and the first and second prizes of the Dalo Two -color ball were recently predicted to win a total of 26.02 million yuan!Among them, optimistic about the large number of the front zone, the bile code 27+ rear region the bile code 11 assists, tonight, the strong brother is optimistic about the full combination of the front area, and the back zone refers to the full combination.The first prize, help everyone continue to make a fortune, spend a fat years![View today recommendation]

Haoran: The second class was predicted in the last issue of 970,000, and the second grades were captured in five times.[View today recommendation]

Wang Dong: In the previous forecast, the Lotto 4+2 was predicted. Recently, the first and second prizes were harvested by 19.27 million.[View today recommendation]

An Tsai: In the prediction of the last forecast, the Lotto 4+2, the prediction of the first and second prizes of the two -color ball was rewarded 12.39 million yuan![View today recommendation]

Chen Hua: In the previous prediction, China Lotto 4+2, the predicted prediction of the second prize of the two -color ball Lotto won a total of 2 million yuan![View today recommendation]

Kim Yuan: In the last period, the Lotto 4+1 was predicted in the previous period.[View today recommendation]

Long Jiu: The last forecast of the Lotto 4+1, the prediction of the first and second prizes of the Dato Polytoma double -color ball won a total of 24.16 million![View today recommendation]

Small knife: The last period of the forecast is 4+1, the front area is full, and the first and second prizes in the prediction of the previous forecast won a total of 12.44 million![View today recommendation]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Expert Selection]

Xiao Zhuge: Four consecutive periods to predict the 3D direct selection of Fucai.[View today recommendation]

Li Baishi: The 4 consecutive periods are predicted to Zhongfu Lottery 3D. This issue is expected to continue to be hot![View today recommendation]

Congratulations!Old Knife Fucai 3D: In the previous issue, a single bet to predict the selection![View today recommendation]

Liu Ke: Three consecutive periods to predict the 3D direct selection of Fuxi Lottery. This issue is expected to be 4 consecutive red![View today recommendation]

[Selected three experts today]

Cheng Sanliang: In the last three periods, the three direct selections were arranged twice.[View today recommendation]

Emperor Ming: The last three periods are predicted to hit three direct selections twice. Pay attention to the full -time combination in this issue![View today recommendation]

Brother Zeng: In the previous period, three direct selections were arranged in the prediction of hitting, and the prediction of the first and second prizes of Da Leyou double -color ball was 47.83 million![View today recommendation]

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