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Rearly comrades -in -arms to buy Zhongda Lotto 9.82 million Huanjiu wine collectively after the collective number


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“Today is a good day, I really should buy lottery tickets, there is no quasi -be able to win the prize!” Is such a “little dream” that you once had, the winner of the 9.73 million yuan prize in Texas performed this “dream to come true” perfectly “.The winning story.

On December 17, the Sports Lottery Super Lotto was awarded the 22144th issue, and a total of 5 first prizes in the country, with 1 bet for more than 17.51 million yuan (including more than 7.78 million yuan to add bonuses) to add first prize, 4 bets are 4 bets are as 4 bets.The first prize of the basic betting of more than 9.73 million yuan.Among them, the first prize of the first prize of the bet is the first prize to the Texas in Shandong. Who is so lucky to gain such a generous sports lottery “year -end award” at the end of the year, becoming a hot topic on the streets and alleys.

Recently, the Texas 9.73 million yuan winner appeared at the Provincial Sports Lottery Center to receive the prize, unveiled the “mysterious veil” of the winner.The “brother company” who came to receive the award made everyone directly.According to the winners, several of them were comrades -in -arms. For more than ten years, they have been in contact with different industries for more than ten years.The night before winning the prize, it happened to be their gathering time.At the dinner table, everyone drinks and chats, as if the fatigue and pressure in life are released and relieved at this moment.When I talked about it, one of them said, “Today is a good day, I really should buy the lottery ticket, no one can win the prize!” I did not expect a joke to attract others.People say a number.It happened that in the “Brother’s Compan”, a “hardcore fan” of the sports lottery big lottery was immediately found. He immediately recruited paper and notes.

After the party, Mr. Yang arrived at the recent sports lottery betting station, but he did not forget the “task”.The first thing the next day, Mr. Yang went out to go to the Sports Lottery Betting Station and took a duplex ticket of “10+2”.After the lottery that night, the news of the first prize of the Big Lotto in Texas instantly became popular in the circle of friends. A “10+2” duplex ticket, a total of 1 first prize 1 bet, the fourth prize 25 bets, and the sixth prize.100 Note, Eighth Prize 100 Note, Ninth Prize 26 Note, single ticket capture 9.82 million yuan!Mr. Yang, who came to the news, watched the lottery number “03, 04, 08, 15, 21,04, 07″, and felt that he had known each other. Hurry to find a pair of lottery tickets, it turned out to be the first prize in his own ticket!He jumped excitedly at the time, and immediately told the brothers in the WeChat group that everyone was stunned by this sudden good news, and they called him to confirm.”Hotline”.Later, everyone agreed to receive the prize together to witness this unforgettable moment.

At the end of the year at the end of the year, the first prize of the Dali Lotto came out in Shandong. The lucky prize group sent a group, and a wave of “immortal operation” surprised everyone.In 2022, the officer is imminent. In 2023, Super Lotto will also be accompanied by everyone and witness the moment of “dreams come true”.Little dream, big music.It is possible to meet, let us look forward to the birth of the next award.

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