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Rashford’s World Cup scored 3 goals in 107 minutes to tie the Charlon record

In the final round of the World Cup group stage, England won 3-0, and Manchester United star Rashfordme opened twice to help the team go out with the group first.

In the 50th minute of the game, Rashford’s 25 -yard free kick broke the goal directly, rewriting the score to 1-0.In the 68th minute, Rashford took the long pass of Philip, cut into the crotch into the net at 11 yards in the right ribs of the penalty area, and rewritten the score to 3-0.This goal is the 100th goal of England in the World Cup.

In the 3 group stage, Rashford’s 2 substitutes, 1 first -off, only 107 minutes in total, scored 3 goals.

Rashford also became the first Manchester United player to score 3 goals in a single World Cup after Bobby Charton in 1966.

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  1. It is difficult to vertical ratio. To be precise, Master La caught up with a good time, which is exactly the era of English talent blowouts.Now the technology of England players is completely world -class. In the past few years, Gasco is already the best in midfield technology.In addition to the central defender, other positions are basically the world level

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