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Rashford’s 7 consecutive home breakthroughs in 95 minutes to participate in 1 goal

In the third round of the Football Cup, Manchester United eliminated Everton 3-1, Rashford performed well, contributed 1 goal, 1 assistant, and forced the opponent to set 1 goal of oolong.

During the game, he first assisted Anthony to score, then let the opponent start the oolong, and finally scored 1 goal with a penalty kick.

Lashford was the first Manchester United player to break the goal in various competitions in various competitions since Luni, and Rooney did this from February to April 2012.

In addition, Rashford has played for 1821 minutes so far, scored 13 goals, and assists 6 times. He contributed 1 goal for Manchester United in 95 minutes.

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is not a Manchester United player for a long time. This is the news of the Manchester United sector. It ’s nothing to do. Go to the Saudi plate to continue.

  2. Manchester United will lose in the morning and evening, otherwise you will be boring [Laughing Cry]

  3. For your famous places, Old Trafford has given you countless flowers and the avenue of the sun.The team instead of the team to serve you

  4. The next time I hope that Manchester United will lose, otherwise the women in JP Morgan and the Luo family and the Chinese Luo Wanghong fans will not venting to death

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    Offensivefootballdefender 1月 7, 2023 at 2:25 上午

    At the beginning, Rashford passed on Ronaldo to a ball.I still remember that I gave Master La a death gaze at the time. This harsh behavior seriously cracked down on the self -confidence of young players.At that time, as long as I played, the team was uncomfortable.

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