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Ram’s three games a year’s victory amazing secret: 2022 waves are struggling

On January 5th, Beijing time, Joan Ram was successful on the golf course in 2022 according to the standards of most people.

A victory in the US Tour, the European Tour won twice. One of them was the end of the DP World Tour Championships. It is difficult for you to say that the Spaniard has experienced the low valley for a year.But these two victories appeared in autumn, and in 2022, Joan Ram felt a bad feeling.

In the previous year, the Grand Slam victory was achieved, but Joan Ram did not enter the top ten in a Grand Slam in 2022. The best ranking was tied for 12 in the U.S. Open.

“People may not believe it, but most of the year I am fighting with waves,” Joan Ram said before the sentry championship on Tuesday. “I was not as comfortable as a year ago.When I go to the Grand Slam, I need to go further in all aspects, but the error is exposed. “

In 2022, Joan Ram was still excellent on the one of the woods, ranking first in scoring the goal, but the first world found that he was on the offensive Ridge and performed sharply.

In that magical season, the US Open Championship ranked eighth in that magical season, and finally achieved the leadership of the Grand Slam, and climbed to the world’s first place, but the ranking of the same data in 2022 fell to 38.

“Not as smooth as I hope,” Joan Ram said. “I still made a lot of top ten. I think half of the events I participated in the top ten, which is not bad. But this yearI didn’t give myself a chance to win enough. “

It should be said that Joan Ram had a chance this week. After all, a year ago, he played -33 shots in the sentry championship, and eventually suffered from Cameron Smith because of the difference in a pole.

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