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Ram Win DP World Tour Following McLur’s Four Winning Championship

On November 20th, Beijing time, the 2021-2022 season DP World Tour Following Battle — The DP World Tour Championships with a total bonus of 10 million US dollars came to the Zhumeila Manor in Dubai. The final wheel (-5) final score, won the cup with a total score of -20, won the $ 3 million championship bonus. McRour won the Dubai competition championship.

After 54 holes, Ram, who had a leading advantage, started on Sunday. However, Alex Norlen and Tyrier Haron also pursued it, and the two also frequently caught the birds. When Ram turned to the two, they only led the two.



On the 13th hole, Ram pushed the birds in this 3 -shot hole and expanded the leading advantage to 2. On the 15th hole, Ram pushed a 6 -foot 7 -foot bird ball again, and the champion was close at hand.

Ram scored the woods on the 18th hole, but he successfully saved the ball and was shocked to defend PAR in this 5 holes. The total score was set to -20.



After the game, Ram also said, “I didn’t expect that she could play so well in the case of this round that was not in the state.” The final wheel, Ram kicked off frequently, but his short pole became the key to winning.

This is Ram’s ninth DP World Tour Champion (the 5th Rolex Series Champion), and he is also the third time he won the DP title champion (2017, 2019,2022). Last month he won the Spanish Open with an absolute advantage in his hometown.



Haron (66 shot) and Norlen (67) won the runner-up in 2 Ram 2 shots behind-18.


The final lead list

The world’s first, northern Irish star McRur entered the final wheel after falling after falling. Although he also caught 6 birds in the top 15 holes, as the 16th hole opened the ball to the right, although he worked hard to protect Par But as Ram caught the birds at the same time at the same time, the wheat was getting farther and farther from the champion of the game. In the end, McRur won the fourth place with a total score of -16.



This does not affect McRur to win the season championship with an absolute advantage. Because Ryan-Fox, which ranked 2nd before the game, ranked only 19th, in fact, the championship was locked when the wheat was not finished. This is the fourth time wheat won the award. He had previously awarded in 2012, 2014 and 2015.


McRouri won the Dubai competition championship

According to the rules, the top 8 players of the total points of DP this season will receive an additional 3 million US dollars of additional rewards, and the top McRur will win a $ 1 million bonus.

Earlier, McRoury also won the championship of the Federal Express Cup in the US Tour, which is undoubtedly a successful year for him.


Wu Ashun

Chinese player Wu Ashun finished the total score of -2 shots (78-64-72-72), ranking 28th in ranking. The season ranked two, ranking 37th.

Li Haotong continued the third round of good state, ranking 30th in the total score of -1 (75-75-69-68). The final ranking is ranked 52nd.

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