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Raitaro’s 4 shots without scoring and 2 times the scoring opportunity was played at the lowest score

Although Argentina eliminated Australia 2-1, a player was criticized for poor performance. It was Laotaro. The striker was a waste of scoring opportunities several times after the substitute appeared.The lowest score in the field is lower than the defeat of Australian players.

Laotaro played for 19 minutes, fired 4 times, twice, 2 shot, and failed to score.

In the game, he spent three times, 1 successful, and missed 2 scoring opportunities.

Raitaro touched the ball 21 times, passed the ball 11 times, and 8 times.There are 1 key pass.

He won 3 times on the ground and won 2 times.

Laotaro lost the ball 8 times during the game.

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    Bigmouth_sobigmarshmallow 12月 4, 2022 at 2:29 上午

    Laotaro was really not in the state, and the cakes on his mouth spit.However, I believe a top forward will return to the right track.Argentina needs the performance of Laotaro to go further

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