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Railway 3 of the World University Student Game: Sichuan University Baijie Germany (Photos)

On December 3, the third stop of the seventh World University Go game, Sichuan University communicated with the German coalition.

A small episode occurred before the game. This year, the European University Student Go Championship and the German Union Martin Ruzicka 5 sections of the 5th section of the battle.At the top of Duan, the Russian girl was studying at the University of Karlsroe. She also studied chess at Ge Yuhong, and had good strength.

The German coalition takes the University of Karlsroe as the main team, and Sichuan University is a strong Go team in China.For the purpose of friendship, Sichuan University also sent players who match their opponents.In the two rounds, a women’s industry 6 and a women’s industry 5 played against a Russian female general in one. Scharneva performed well in one victory and one negative performance. In the end, Sichuan University won 10-6 with a total score of 10-6.

Fang Yifan served as the leader of Sichuan University in the 6th paragraph. He won the Sichuan Provincial University Student Go League Men’s Personal Champion and Group Championship during his student days.Looking at the spirit of the opposite situation, the spirit of hard work is on the market, letting us learn and feel the love and seriousness of European college students for Go.

The German coalition played against Chinese college students through the Internet. Leaders and team members felt very novel and meaningful, looking forward to the next coming.

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