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Rafinia wants the Brazilian people to unite and support the team to win the World Cup

After the earlier Brazil election, Brazil has already been divided into obvious left and right factions.And as Neymar and Alves broke the rules of the national team and publicly stood in the presidential election, Brazil’s locker room was divided into two halves as the country.

As a member of the World Cup national team, Brazilian winger Rafinia naturally does not want the people to be united at critical moments.He called on the people across the country to unite and encourage the national team to win the World Cup: “I see that our country splits because of elections, but I hope that our people will unite again and support the team during the World Cup.Support, we will go further in Qatar. “

Regarding the distribution of the locker room, Rafinia said that there is no existence at all: “We are a very good team, not only at the quality level, but also in terms of capabilities. We have a strong team to win the championship.”

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