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Quiet: Watanabe Akira and Zhiye Tiger Pills Talks (5) The word of the trough is for excuses

The article is transferred from the public account: the excuse is quiet

Original site: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v = chwutxy0ffw

Original Title: [Celebrity × Celebrity ~ ト ー ク テ ー マ テ ~] Watanabe Ming celebrities ラ ラ イ バ ル は?‘い か, い い ん な い です ね ね ね ね ね ね ね ね ね ね する する する する する する する する は は は‘Yan っ ば やっぱ やっぱ, い り い な い’ そ の ココロ ココロ ココロ

Excerpt from: Asahi Shimbun

Translation and finishing: For the excuse of the pretext of quiet chess

——In the next step, I will continue to invite Zhiye Tiger pill to draw the ball.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Wow, the word “worm” is written.

——This is the common point of the two players. Both have heard that both of them don’t like bugs.So I want to ask the two.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I also heard that the transitional side does not like bugs. Is there any reason for this?

Watanabe: But when I say how annoying, I am not so hate that I hate bugs as much as everyone thinks. Do you hate bugs?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I hated that I didn’t say it, but I didn’t like it (laughs).

Watanabe: It seems that it is also ordinary, but many bugs are often seen during the title war.Will you be calm in this case?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It is no problem at all, but it is quite hindered.Watanabe is actually not annoying. What is the specific situation?

Watanabe: I hate it or hate. For example, I don’t like the moths of bees, but I won’t make me panic.But many people think that I saw the insects and the whole person broke the defense. In fact, I didn’t reach this level yet.Of course, I definitely don’t like it.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In this case, it is really not particularly annoying.

Watanabe: But if you think about it, we can’t move when we played chess. If you are at home, you can grab the bugs normally.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It seems that you still dare to catch the bugs, that is not annoying (laughs).

Watanabe: This is really the case, but I still hate it. For example, there is a mosquito flying in the place where I can’t see it.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Then this is quite annoying.

Watanabe: Just, you are thinking about the chess game carefully. At this time, a mosquito flew over “buzzing”. This is not a very annoying thing (laughs).

—— When you are in a celebrity war, you find a bug in the bureau. Are you unhappy at that time?

Watanabe: That time was a moth, I really didn’t like it.

—— That time it seemed like something before lunch break.

Watanabe: Indeed, the impression that the game was suspended.But to be honest, catching moths is still very difficult, so in the end, you can only let it go.But this stuff is also used to get used to it. I am now much better than before the age of 30.Maybe I already have antibodies in this regard (laughs).

——The Watanabe Ming pump another ball.

Watanabe: Fixed (fixed)?

——In consider the emergence of AI recently, many ideas (fixed -down) ideas are also different. From the respective fields of the two, how to evaluate the current fixed formula.

Watanabe: In fact, the fixed trace was actually invented by humans, and the fixed formula of Go should be the same.For example, the generation of players in Zhiye Tiger Pills started to learn the formula from the teacher at first. So now the players of this generation of Zhongyi 堇 do not need to teach the teacher?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: This actually depends on people. After the appearance of AI, because no one can understand the AI method as soon as the AI appears, many people have become popular after starting to imitate, but now chess players, I think, I thinkIt is also learned.In this case, I think a lot of players still know how the previous fixed formulas are made. Of course, there are still many basic fixes that do not know the basic fixed formulas in the past.

Watanabe: In this case, is there no problem with the current chess?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It’s okay.

Watanabe: In other words, there is a lack of knowledge in this link.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Does the fixed trace of chess mean that the chess game has just begun?

Watanabe: Yes, it is very similar to the formula of Go, but if Go is a change in four corners.If you take the chess, you need to look at the entire chessboard, and to see the steps of these methods, so there is still a little difference.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: If you are fixed, have you ever been eliminated?

Watanabe: Yes, for example, this chess type is about 20 years. You asked me to ask what the chess type is, and I may not be able to answer.But these laws may have been popular for a long time for chess players 2 or 30 years ago.This may not be known for the current players, but I don’t know if it is no problem.So this situation can only be said to be a gap between the times.

—— Then Zhi Ye Tiger pills choose a topic.

Zhiye Tiger Pill: Write the word “respect”.

——It can be said to be respectful, or respecting that thing, what you want to say about these two words.

Watanabe: Do you have a respectable person in the Go industry?

Zhiye Tiger Pill: In the Go industry, if I let me go, there is really no.What about Watanabe?

Watanabe: I don’t seem to (laugh), after all, it is also your opponent you need to compete.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, it is a chess player, so I don’t think I will respect this.

Watanabe: But to be precise, our young chess player respects them, but after becoming a professional chess player in the same field, there is no such way.Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, it has faded a lot than before.

Watanabe: It is true. For example, when you played chess, you would worship which player when he was young, but if you worship it alone, you may not be able to compete in the same field.In addition, if you lose to him, you don’t know where to be thrown (laughs).

—— I heard that you worshiped Mr. Zhongyuan Cheng.

Watanabe: Teacher Central Plains, because I have very few fighting records with him, so for me, it is the target that I have always worshiped.The teacher should not have: “I have to kill him in this post -born baby”, so such a teacher is old to me.

——The words of Zhiye Tiger Wan, Teacher Zhao Zhixun should like you the most, what do you think of this.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Teacher Zhao Zhixun’s words, our chess style is actually very similar, and then when I first saw him, I felt that he was very attractive.For me, it is not so much respect for me. Teacher Zhao Zhixun and I have actually experienced fighting experience, so it is not respect for me.

Watanabe: After all, as long as the players are not retired, they are active players.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: This is indeed.

Watanabe: For example, there are many retired chess players in the chess industry. Sometimes they appear as a member. At this time, they admire him with the eyes of the predecessors.In this case, it is actually different. Compared with the Go players who have always been active players, they are still different.

—— Watanabe continues to draw a ball.

Watanabe: “Low Valley”.

——On first, do the two feel that there is a “trough”, and then how should we face the “trough”?

Watanabe: This is actually very close to the initial “brain broken road”. The definition of the “trough” is also very vague. In fact, everyone’s definition of the “trough” is different. Some people say that they have fallen into the trough, butI think you are just looking for a reason for “dishes”.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: To be honest, few people say that they have fallen into the low valley period.

Watanabe: There are really few, but the media like to use the word “trough” to describe the status of the player.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: However, there will be a period of trough a trough.

Watanabe: There is still a short time, but you say that you have lost 5 consecutive, and I don’t think it can be said to be a trough.However, there will be ups and downs in the whole year. Perhaps it is not half a time for a period of time, but the 5 -game losing streak and the annual winning rate are less than half. I think the nature of these two things is actually similar.So for me, if the one -year win rate is not half likely to be, but if the winning rate is less than half, I think my chess is finished.

——Watabe Bian Ming was just exposed to AI in 2018. At that time, we felt that you were in a low valley period. At this time, did you think that we would have to cheer up again, because we felt that your psychological pressure was still quite big during that time.Essence

Watanabe: This can only be let it go, because sometimes it is a certain age to peak. At that time, if the next year is still like this, it will definitely be finished.To be honest, I also have such a mentality. If the winning rate is less than half a year, I think that as a player should be almost the same.If it is only a good grade within a year, to be honest, the whole state can still be adjusted back.For example, recently I have won three consecutive defeats, or I have won 3 consecutive victories.Impact, but in 2 years, I feel that it is not forgiven in the professional field.

—— Then enter the next topic.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Pets and plush toys.

—— I heard that both of them have pets, and then we also faintly remember that both of them also like plush toys.

Watanabe: Do you have dogs if you pet?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Now I am a cat, and then I often take them.I still remember raised rabbits when I read kindergartens.But then we raised cats or dogs.

Watanabe: If the pet’s physical condition is not good, will it affect your normal game?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: To be honest, it will also be affected, after all, they will still care about the situation.No matter what is the family, although you can’t make excuses for losing chess because of this incident, the attention of the whole person will indeed be affected.

Watanabe: But now you are still adhering to pets.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, but many of them still because their parents like to raise pets.But sometimes I am worried because of the physical state of pets, but many times it is very healed for me.Overall, give me more positive side.

Watanabe: I also like puppies, but how can I worry about these things.Of course, pets are really cute, but I always worry.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Therefore, although I like animals, I can bear it with plush toys.

Watanabe: Forbearance also said (laughs), in fact, it is more because of the environment, because the family likes to raise pets, and then it starts to like it. Generally speaking, it is because of the environment.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Is there a different mentality for you in this case?For example, there is no plush toy if the title war is. What should I do?Watanabe: I didn’t feel at all (laugh).

Zhiye Tiger Wan: But it is true, but it is just a few days that I can’t get face.

Watanabe: I can only say that it is a problem. If I like it when I was a child, or if my family liked it, I would like it.If there is no plush toy in my house one day, I can deal with it in the truth.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: If this is true, it can really cope with it.

Watanabe: Of course, you may also buy new ones.After all, what I like still likes.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Generally speaking, what I like when I was a kid is still a great impact on the future.

——Chideyo Tiger Maru has plush toys in the house?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: I will put it aside after some people send me, and I watched them more and more, but I did n’t have much to be outrageous.

Watanabe: If you are not at home for a long time, how will your pet arrange it?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It may be placed in his hometown.

Watanabe: What if you raise pets?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: If I am at home in the future, it may not be free to raise pets.

—— Keep pumping a new one.

Watanabe: World Cup (laughs).

——The World Cup has long ended, but we still took this topic.From the group stage to the knockout, which events are the two of them concerned?

Watanabe: Shiban Tiger Wan, do you watch the ball?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I didn’t look at it, I just look at the final score.But I didn’t watch the live broadcast.

Watanabe: So do you watch sports events?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I don’t watch either.Watanabe’s words usually seem to like to watch.

Watanabe: I actually look at football and baseball. If it is because of the World Cup, I watched the ball. I am not, because I usually watch a lot of football games.

——In Japan and Spain, are you watching this ball?

Watanabe: That must be seen.4 o’clock in Japan’s time is actually nothing, because I have been sleeping at 2 o’clock.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Is it staying up late to watch the ball?

Watanabe: Yes, stay up late to watch the ball.Do you like to do things in the morning?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I actually like to do things at night, and I can’t get up in the morning.

Watanabe: The game starts at 10 o’clock.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes.

Watanabe: Just cater to this time point.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: I wake up at 8 o’clock to the game day, but I will definitely not get up at this time in other days.Unless you have to get up for a long time.

Watanabe: That’s it, but getting up at 8 o’clock, from the perspective of ordinary people, it is not early.

——Where is the chess game research meeting in the morning or evening?

Watanabe: I have to look at the situation. If you are too late, you will persist in research if you have more than 12 o’clock, even 1 or 2 o’clock, but it is really too late.

——The online game is very popular in the Go industry. Is it not the same as chess?

Watanabe: I basically conduct research through AI.

——The Zhi Ye Tiger Wan is often playing online.

Zhi Ye Tiger Wan: My words of Chinese and Korean players, or Japanese chess players, anyway, have any players.

Watanabe: Is this a chess for this, that is, the kind of time that does not need to wait for the time.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I do n’t need to wait for it, I see that someone can apply for the right game in the opposite hall, and then goes down.

Watanabe: Then it is possible to match the Chinese and Korean chess players who do not know.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In fact, you can see the real name of your opponent on the Internet, but sometimes you can encounter some chess players who have never met.

Watanabe: This is indeed a good way of pastime, or a good way to adjust.Because there is no such atmosphere for chess.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Is there no software in this area and the like?

Watanabe: The words of chess must be made up. If you don’t make an appointment, it will not work.Although the situation of those free people and professional chess players is not ruled out, this situation is really very small.How many people do Chinese and Korean players generally do online?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Usually, more than 50 people must have.

Watanabe: The whole atmosphere in the Go industry is like this.It seems that the partners who practice chess are not lacking.And these chess players have strong strength.

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