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Quiet: Watanabe Akira and Zhiye Tiger Pills Talks (3) The fundamental research of AI is not finished

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Original title: [Celebrity × celebrities ~ 対 対 対 ~] Watanabe Ming celebrities ‘囲 って って し し し い ん です ね ね ね ね ね‘ ‘‘ べ べ の の の の の の を を を を を?‘

Excerpt from: Asahi Shimbun

Translation and finishing: The excuse is quiet, only half of this

Watanabe: But you eat a lot of things on the title battle. Will you try to overcome them at this time?For example, it is much better than when I was 15 years old.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I didn’t like the vegetables before, but I didn’t reach it.Sometimes I feel pretty delicious.

Watanabe: Like Japanese materials, it often inadvertently mixes something.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: At this time I try to eat these things.

Watanabe: It seems that young people have a lot of things that they don’t like to eat before, and there will be many vegetables that do not choose.For example, I can eat a lot of things now than the age of like Zhiye Tiger Pill at that time.You are now 23 years old. When I was 23 years old, I did have a lot of things dare not eat.For example, I don’t want to eat it, but I can bear it now, but I feel like you will be like me in the future.

——The just mentioned what to eat, Zhi Ye Hu Wan’s current age and experience, Watanabe is regarded as your predecessor.As a celebrity in the Go world, do you have any other questions to ask?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Thinking of two problems, one is more serious.Watanabe’s career is longer than me, so I want to ask how to keep my motivation.

Watanabe: 20 years old and in their 30s are not the same.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: What is it now?

Watanabe: Now, after in his 30s, he will encounter a lot of young chess players in the title battle.The words of Zhi Ye Tiger should basically do more with their predecessors.When I feel almost 30, many young players will encounter in the title battle.After all, he became the target of being chased.At this time, some people may have different motivation with their age.For me, the motivation for 20 years is getting stronger and stronger, but it gradually declines in her 30s.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In other words, when the whole person’s state rises, is the grades getting better and better?

Watanabe: After all, I am not afraid of anything when I was young. If I loses the game, I feel that there must be a chance in the future.Then there is time, and there is room for chess, so he is still very motivated in his 20s.However, after being considered the target of catching up, it is difficult to return to the big stage for many years, and then the whole person is also chased.So after being chased after the 30s, the power of the whole person fell.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: After the 30s, have you encountered the motivation to learn chess?

Watanabe: The motivation to learn chess is actually completely different in the 20s and 30s.Because I am not afraid of anything in my 20s, I will be very happy if I learn chess, but because in my 30s, because I am already the target of being chased, sometimes I feel that there is no way to learn it hard.This should be the biggest difference. After 30 years old, the whole person is very negative anyway.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Another problem is that you see in a report, saying that you want to live through the horse racing through horse racing after retiring.Maybe this question is a bit rude. Have you ever wondered when to retire?

Watanabe: I seem to be in my 20s (laughs).After all, it was difficult to think of what he looked like at that time.So when I was in my 20s, I felt that I should be able to retire at almost when I am 40 years old.But now I am almost 40 years old, and now I think about 40 in the blink of an eye (laughs).When I was 20, I might feel that I was enough to be 40 years old, and I felt that I should have played chess at that time.After all, at the age of 20, I didn’t feel that my motivation to learn chess could be maintained for 20 years, but now I don’t feel it.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Is this now full of power?

Watanabe: No, I do n’t feel like I can still be so motivated in my 50s.Of course, this is also my current state. It is hard to say whether it is at the age of 50.Because my physical and mental state didn’t know what would happen at that time.But I just felt that there would always be a place tired at that time.However, I am a person who has experienced an analog TV era and the digital era, and then I started to contact AI around 2015. For me, I encountered AI after encountering a bottleneck.It is obvious that the entire rhythm has been a lot close in recent years.Instead, it will become more and more tired.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: After the appearance of AI, I believe that the way the entire learning learns has also changed, and everything has been aligned with previous young players.Such as using AI to study layout and the like.

Watanabe: Yes, AI often uses AI to study layout.Is Go the same?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: The same, but I heard that you will also study AI in the morning before the title game.

Watanabe: But I think everyone will do this.But I like to study at night because I will not be motivated until night.Many players started to study at 6 or 7 o’clock, but I like to get up until 8:30 (laughs).So it won’t play chess in the morning.Except for the title, I think many players will play chess before going out.Especially those who like to get up early.——Mi can also be studied in the morning of the title battle?

Watanabe: Because it was handed over the electronic instrument on the first morning, so I think everyone will continue to study before the first morning on the first morning.In contrast, there is a so -called end of AI research.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: There is no thing now, there are many places that I don’t understand for a long time.For example, it is difficult to study all the changes. For example, there are many tactics. Some players specifically study one of them and then pursue perfection.But in fact, it is difficult to fully grasp.

Watanabe: Because it is not enough to make a tactics alone, if you want to study a lot of changes, you will not study it.So we put repeated changes many times in order to remember repeated memory.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: There are often many times, some changes can only be remembered and can only give up.

Watanabe: Yes, if the Go is a hand that placed on a computer, can you remember it?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Every player is different. If you say it once, you must not remember it. We must remember not only to remember the means, but also remember the winning rate.In this case, it is really difficult to remember.

Watanabe: Then there should be several times before this change.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, but sometimes a part of the case is good, but after the surrounding configuration is different, it may not be very good.

Watanabe: Do you have to study in four corners in this case?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Many times they will study local changes, but many times, such as two horns have only one black and White, these two children are different from the winning rate.If the situation is about the same situation, it may not change much, but the whole judgment is completely different if it is different.

Watanabe: Will you replace the chess pieces and then study?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Sometimes do this, but we are more verified. For example, when you are chess, you feel good, but this is not the case after AI comes out.

Watanabe: For now, in a situation, there is only different walking positions in a situation, but the situation in the situation will be completely different.Therefore, we often move the position of the best infantry in the whole situation, and the results will be completely different.Just like a Go in the Go, such as one corner is one thing, and in the small stature is another thing.

Zhiye Tiger Pill: Indeed, then there are many other changes to study.Sometimes if you care about this change, you may re -configure another surrounding configuration.Many things need to be done, but we can’t remember many changes.

Watanabe: I just want to study only one corner, but there are 3 horns. If the configuration is different, there are not countless changes.The words of chess may look at the most edge of the infantry. Studying these changes alone is also incomplete.For example, the two infantry is one interval between the two infantry, and then the two interval between the two infantry, and there is a different way of swinging. There are dozens of changes in these alone.Another is the reverse push method, such as the infantry on the edge. How much is the winning rate of this method?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In the words of Go, it can only be considered by yourself. It can only be said that it is still very difficult to understand the world of AI.

Watanabe: In the Go industry, after AI appears, does the chess player’s way of thinking start to reverse thinking?

Zhiye Tiger Pill: I feel that, according to what I know, for example, about 50%of this change, then the other is another value.

Watanabe: Before the appearance of AI, it seems that there has been no such idea, and it has always been verified based on his first sense.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: That’s really the case.

Watanabe: For example, if the method of pushing is wrong, if you are wrong, do you feel very empty.(laugh)

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, sometimes I do n’t understand after watching AI, and I can only endure it at this time.After all, we are relatively weak.

Watanabe: Sometimes we may also remember wrong, and may regret that if you don’t remember this method, there may be better situations.For example, the memory is broken in some places.Sometimes I think that if I don’t know these changes, I will definitely not go to these methods.This is basically no case before the appearance of AI, only to accumulate slowly through its own calculations.If you are like you, there will be such a situation.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, coupled with the chess players, the way of thinking before and after the appearance of AI is not the same.Or it can be said to be completely different.

Watanabe: Indeed, for example, if you know some fur, you will go directly.Sometimes there are often such situations. The following methods that have been studied clearly, and then the results come out are completely different from what I think.Sometimes it is over because of the wrong memory.It was really empty at that time.If you think you can study it before.To be continued …

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