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Quiet: Watanabe Akira and Zhiye Tiger Pills Talks (2) Where does Jingshan lose?

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Original title: [Celebrity × celebrities ~ 対 対 対 ~] Watanabe Ming celebrities ‘囲 って って し し し い ん です ね ね ね ね ね‘ ‘‘ べ べ の の の の の の を を を を を?‘

Excerpt from: Asahi Shimbun

Translation and finishing: For the excuse, quiet and slightly longer

——Watana seems to have asked Jingshan Yutai.

Watanabe: At that time, I had arranged things that met after the seventh inning of the celebrity war, and then I asked (laughs).Of course, I also thought about asking others to lose the behavior of losing (laugh), but I asked at that time.

——Ar whether it can be disclosed to us in the range that can be answered.

Watanabe: I have seen the relevant commentary before that, it should be a place that is related to the victory. It seems that there is a place in the middle that pulls out a child. Finally, because of the means here, the middle is passive.The person who listened to it was that he should abandon the one, make up the chess in the middle and then win the chess.However, the person who commentary is that Yoshan Yutai will not choose to compromise the law, as if people who commentary often write this sentence at this time.To be honest, I think it’s incredible, because it is a chess, so I asked Jing Shanyu, at that time you wo n’t win (laugh).I would like to understand if I can’t win the chess, so I can understand it, so I asked.Then Jingshan Yutai said, “In fact, the siege can also win a little, and the actual combat method can also win.” Then I feel that it is better to choose a more concise method at this time.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: The words of Yushan Yushan will be like this every time. I may abandon that one, and then choose the lower method of changing less.

Watanabe: Does this have anything to do with the chess style?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It should be related to the chess wind, because there are very few chess players who want to support Jingshan Yutai.But this is why Jingshan Yutai is fighting on the front line.

Watanabe: This game can be said to be the Yaotong -style chess game of Jingshan?

Zhiye Tiger Pill: It should be said that if that situation allows other players to choose to escape, I may also lose.

Watanabe: For Go players, if Black compromises at that time, how much will Black advantage?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: The players often say “steady plate ten”, in other words, if the official ending is normal, Black cannot lose.Of course, there is a lot of chessboards, and there are room for making mistakes. He may be more worried about the subsequent law for Jingshan Yu, so the actual combat choice.

Watanabe: It turns out that it is better to seek stability in this case, but at this time, you have to consider various risks.In other words, how to measure this victory and defeat in the case of risks.

——The just mentioned the chess style, and also mentioned that Jingshan Yutai pursued the strongest response.Have you ever experienced the experience of stability in such a place that can be stabilized in such a place, but unconsciously chose a more fierce experience?

Watanabe: Although Teacher Gu Chuan Haosi and I have not had a fight in the title battle, Teacher Yusheng Shanzhi often said that Teacher Gu Chuan Haosi is such a chess player.If you have the opportunity to play chess, you will choose a more thrilling method.There is a saying of “thrilling chess, short and desperate” in the chess world. Professional chess players also like to choose this road, but in my impression, Teacher Gu Chuan Haosi is the most to be the ultimate.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Will it be because of not being sure of calculations, so I choose to be more severe?I feel that this is more likely to be closer to winning chess.However, if it is always very close, it is actually not sure.

Watanabe: The game of the 7th game of celebrities, wasn’t it well for you at that time?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: I really feel a little difficult. Although the actual combat was exchanged everywhere, I ate the dragon, but at that time I felt that I could only choose this road.

Watanabe: You seem to have exchanged a hand on the left. What would it be result if Black took the lead at this time?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In the end of the last Black, you can only fight for the victory, but before that, there were many opportunities to escape the first.In fact, Black should have a chance.

Watanabe: Is Black no longer after exchange on the left?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In fact, the commentary players also have a headache for this situation, because when I want to eat Black, the win rate given by AI is 50%.

Watanabe: To be honest, I am also curious why the winning rate will be 50%at this time.I felt that I felt that it was because the corners of the side were empty, so even if the winning rate was eaten by Black, it was five or five.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: There seems to be this change map. The change map given by AI in the impression is that in the middle of Black to live alive and White, the winning percentage is 50%. From the results, Black can be done.

Watanabe: In other words, some of them may suffer, but the whole black can live.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: But it is also possible that after AI has played 100 chess, 50%of the opportunity to live chess, 50%of the possibility is eaten, and this possibility is not ruled out.So I don’t know how this winning percentage came out.Watanabe: Oh?Don’t you know why 50%?Because in my impression, AI just answered with a player, wouldn’t AI say why 50%?Because of the chess, I will show you directly if this is already gone, and then see the steps.So the possibility is 0%and 100%.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: For Go, for example, AI feels that the winning percentage is 50%, and then AI will give you a lot of winning rate of 50%of the winning rate.

Watanabe: So I am curious about what this 50%means, because the words of chess are the two possibilities of death and life (laugh).

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Sometimes you need to play some chess to find the correct answer, but for humans, it is still difficult to find all means.So sometimes AI can’t give a answer we want most.

Watanabe: That is to say, sometimes I do n’t know the result?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: At this stage, it can be said that it can not be concluded.

Watanabe: For example, Go has a chess, is it unclear for AI?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: There is indeed this situation in the AI, but sometimes the chess played by yourself may be higher than the means displayed by AI.Therefore, there is still room for improvement in the accuracy of the current AI.

Watanabe: Is the so -called next method that exceeds AI?(laugh)

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, but this situation is not many.However, compared to the initial win rate of Go, it shows that the initial win rate of chess will be 60%.

Watanabe: However, there is a winning rate of about 51%.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It turns out that if it is all clear, the winning percentage may appear 100%. In this way, there is still a lot of things that are not clear at this stage.

Watanabe: So, do you even know what the final conclusion is later?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It seems that when eating Dragon, there is also a chance to have a chance. Of course, the actual combat is indeed a chance.But the subsequent law did not conclude.

Watanabe Ming: It turns out that this is the same, can the commentary players only skip this link and continue to talk about it, because the final conclusion is not concluded, so I can’t continue to say.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: This is indeed the case. This should be completely different from the chess.

Watanabe: Basically, it will be given to win, and then you will lose the conclusion.So there are few “unknown” situations.If you want to know the result, you can know the result with AI.So when we re -inventory, we thoroughly thoroughly consider the next game.In the case of Go, it is often done in the clouds in the clouds.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: To be honest, I really want to know what the final conclusion is at this time, but I ca n’t conclude how to put it. At this time, there is really no way.

Watanabe: Obviously it was placed on the computer, but did AI have no conclusion?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: There will be such a situation. Of course, after a play, the situation becomes chaotic. This situation can be verified.But sometimes it is possible to find obvious defeats throughout the chess.

Watanabe: It seems that Go is really very difficult (laughs).I always think that AI can get the answer.

——It did not draw conclusions in the Book of Watching, so it was over in a phrase “I want to see what the result will be”.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In the commentary of the Battle, there will often be the final answer of “unable to conclude”.

Watanabe: Basically, the words of chess are basically straightforward.I did not expect that there is still such a big gap between chess and Go.

——Thezano Tiger Pills may not play chess, but this time when I learned to talk to Watanabe, have you ever wondered what questions I want to ask Watanabe?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: From a relatively boring question, I heard that Watanabe is very picky, and then mentioned that there are foods that I don’t like now.I do n’t like to eat tomatoes, so I want to ask how I do n’t like what I do n’t like.

Watanabe: In fact, I didn’t deliberately do anything.Do you don’t want to eat tomatoes or can’t you eat tomatoes?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Do not eat tomatoes. If you eat it, the whole person will not be comfortable.

Watanabe: If you accidentally put tomatoes in the dish, what will happen if you eat it at this time, for example, if there is tomato in the soup.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: If there is tomato, I may vomit.

Watanabe: There is still this.I do n’t like my mustard or something, but if I eat it, I eat it, and it ’s not the same thing.It’s just that you don’t take the initiative to eat these things.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: For example, what about Western Blue Flowers?

Watanabe: I don’t like it now.But eat it if you eat it.So I basically eat it, although I don’t like it.Why don’t you like tomatoes?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I felt that this thing could not be eaten as soon as I was eaten, and then I couldn’t do it.Instead of why, I actually can’t eat tomatoes simply.Watanabe: Isn’t it possible to say that tomatoes and cooked tomatoes?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In this case, it is actually a raw tomato.There is no problem with tomato sauce, and I am not allergic to tomato, that is, when I eat raw tomatoes, I ca n’t.

Watanabe: But you will not take the initiative to drink tomato juice.

Zhiye Tiger Pill: It is indeed.

Watanabe: Will only tomato be like this?

Zhiye Tiger Pill: Yes, only tomatoes, of course, I also have a lot of dislikes. What I ca n’t eat is tomato.

Watanabe: It turns out that this is the case that I can’t eat. For example, eating with many people, at this time I don’t like what I don’t like, and I will try my best to eat.But I have never been able to eat this thing.Of course, I usually use chopsticks to move away.

——The is more famous. If Watanabe ’s clear -point sushi is made during the title battle, it is bound to remove the mustard.Is this not liked when I was a kid?

Watanabe: I didn’t like mustard when I was a kid. Now, if there is a sushi with mustard, I can only eat it.After all, not everyone knows that I don’t like mustard, so I ate hard at that time.Just drink tea and forbearance.But it is not unable to eat it, but the yellow mustard sauce is a bit difficult and too exciting.

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