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Quiet: Watanabe Akira and Zhiye Tiger Pills Talks (1) metaphysics of successive hands

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Original title: [Celebrity × celebrities ~ 対 対 対 ~] Watanabe Ming celebrities ‘囲 って って し し し い ん です ね ね ね ね ね‘ ‘‘ べ べ の の の の の の を を を を を?‘

Excerpt from: Asahi Shimbun

Translation and finishing: For the first long article for the pretext of quiet and quiet, the first length of the new year

What is the motivation for continuous fighting, how to get along with AI, and get the peak of the title of “Celebrity”.On the occasion of the new year, the celebrities of Watanabe in the chess industry and the celebrities of the Zhino Tiger Wan in the Go industry for the first time made a talk for the first time and a rich content of the content.

—— First of all, the new year is good, first of all, the two goals of each one will start, and then answer the following questions.

Watanabe: The current titles related to me will be held in February and April. For me, I am 39 years old in April this year. For me, I am about to enter the last 40One year.So this year may face the “40 next year” mentality.

—— For Zhiye Tiger Wan, it will soon usher in a key titles.Including this war, I hope this year will look like.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: The chess battle began in January, first of all, I have to play this time of chess.But for me, I didn’t feel very special, that is, every game is good.

——I believe that in the face of a new year, the results of last year are also a very important foundation. How does Watanabe evaluate last year’s results, and then how to reflect in this year’s game?

Watanabe: There were many titles in the first half of last year, but in the second half of the year, there was no title battle, which can be said to be a very extreme year.So the first half of last year was very busy for me.In the second half of the year, the competition is much less, and the state of chess is not very good, so I also consider how to face this year’s event.

——Where to Zhi Ye Tiger?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Instead, my words were not very good in the first half of last year. The state of the second half of the year returned a little, and then got the title.So for me, the current state is still good, and then I hope that this state can continue.

——Thezano Tiger Maru recaptured the title of celebrities at the end of last year. Watanabe also knows Go very well. I believe you have also paid attention to the celebrity battle. As a chess fan, or a chess player, what do you think of this time?What about celebrities?

Watanabe: Go to the decisive game in a celebrity battle. I have never played a decisive game (laughs) of celebrities, but I just think that the celebrities’ battle decisions are very critical.I remember that series of the series, the first is the 3 wins and 1 loss of Zhi Ye Tiger Wan, and then I was pulled to 3 wins and 3 losses.I think the experience of 3 wins and 1 loss is also different in the chess and Go industry. For Go players, how much is the leading advantage of 3 wins and 1 loss?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: What do you say, the victory is very favorable, and then it will be easier in mentality.However, for me, I was also 3 wins and 1 loss against Jingshan Yushan in Benyin, but I failed to get the title in even 3 games, so I didn’t feel that I could win this series of this series.

Watanabe: Is there a big difference for you?

Zhiye Tiger Pill: There is a stating statement in the Go industry, and the rules in Japan are posted 6 and a half.It seems that the winning rate is just five or five, which means that if one side has a high winning percentage, it is relatively beneficial.Then I heard that from the perspective of AI, the black and white winning rate was just 50%in the case of 6 and a half.Is there a big gap between the first hand and the rear hand?

Watanabe: From the data of the formal competition, the first year’s winning percentage is about 52%to 54%.Of course, it will be different for everyone.Some chess players are 10%worse than the winning rate.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In other words, if it is in the stage of Qifan Chess, is the first party that is not able to lose.

Watanabe: Yes, it is true, so in the case of 3 wins and 1 loss, there is at least once a chance.So I want to win the first game.

Zhiye Tiger Pill: It turns out.In this case, the value of 3 wins and 1 loss seems to be very different.

Watanabe: In the Go industry, there have been many 3 consecutive defeats and then 4 consecutive victories, but there are very few wins in the chess industry. Although I am not qualified to evaluate, I always feel that it has something to do with my hands.For the top chess players, if they can decide Black and White, will there be a gap?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In fact, Black and White are OK. Of course, everyone has their own preferences, but for us, Black and White are actually similar.

Watanabe: Because of the words of the chess world, few people will say that they like the back.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Indeed, it is difficult to think of it and feel favorable.

Watanabe: So I think that even if it is 3 wins and 1 loss, the leading advantage is not particularly large.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I have never thought about this problem, but now it is very related to thinking about it.

Watanabe: After all, if the winning percentage of Black and White, even if it is 3 wins and 1 loss, it cannot be taken lightly.In this case, at least one game of chess is good for yourself.

——In that, if you reach the 7th inning, the value of the first hand is very high.Zhiye Tiger Wan: In this case, at least it is almost not much different to me in the Go industry.Of course, everyone has their own preferences. If you like to take Black, you may want to take Black.Speaking of his hands, he determines the “Zhenju” method. Will players practice in this regard?

Watanabe: If we play the chess players, we will not “Zhenju”. These are allowed to operate them.So for us, we can only pray (laugh).

Zhiye Tiger Wan: If there is no recorder, will the chess player “Zhenju” himself?

Watanabe: The professional chess player rarely comes to “Zhenju” by himself.So professional chess players can only pray at this time.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: But if you think about it, it is delicate if you can operate it (laughs).

Watanabe: Indeed, there may be obvious differences in that case.For Go, even the same opponents, Black and White may form a completely different situation.In this case, for Go players, is the difference between Black and White?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It should be in this regard. Sometimes the two parties are good at black, but from the perspective of winning rate, it has not greatly affected.

Watanabe: But according to the opponent, I feel that it is beneficial to him, and there is a good situation for another person in White.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: This is indeed there.I might not be good to say that, but do I always feel that the words of chess have a certain relationship?

Watanabe: It is really related.

——The Shino Tiger Wan will say that he is lucky when he wins. He may have the luck of Zhenju in the aspect of chess. Is there a lot of luck in Go?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Although the luck ingredients are less, it is difficult for some situations to find the right next -hand chess. Sometimes if you choose a different method in a certain game, there may be different results.So for me, the ingredients of luck are in this regard.

——At did you feel more lucky when playing chess?

Watanabe: I rarely say this, nor does it mean that I do n’t like it, or I do n’t need it.

–Why is this?

Watanabe: Is it because others often say this (laughs).Because when I first started the title battle, I wanted to do something different from others, so that I could have my own settings, so if others said, I tried to avoid it.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Then when the reporter asked how this game of chess feels, what do you usually answer?

Watanabe: If the reporter asked, I would like to write as much as possible without being routine. Of course, sometimes it is not suitable for saying this. My words try to rely on this aspect.Because some reporters may expect what I say in advance, I also have to have my own scale.

——In other words, Watanabe still pays great attention to speaking his feelings in his own language.

Watanabe: However, with the increase of age, a lot of words will be repeated. If the number of times the number of the lower titles becomes more, many words can only be answered repeatedly.After all, there are many things, so there is no good way to do it in this regard.However, the question that the reporter asked was bad (laughs).For example, what do you feel about the latter chess, so you can only answer “I will continue to work hard”, “I will focus on facing” and the like.

—— After playing chess, the players will also organize the whole chess process. For the two players, they still have the power to consider how to answer questions from reporters.

Watanabe: How do you say this (laughs).(Look at Zhiye Tiger Pills) Do you consider it (laughs)

Zhiye Tiger Wan: My mind can’t turn my mind at all, without so much power (laughs).I often think about what to say before the game.

Watanabe: It turns out, such as interviews the day before the game.

——It a question here, that is, when Watanabe faces the Hirosatta in the king of chess, it seems that it is related to the situation of the chess chess. Remember that in the end you used the word “luck”.I would like to have this idea if I was very nervous in the end?

Watanabe: This is what you will. For example, in the case of fast chess, you found the means of playing chess in the final stage. At this time, you will really feel good luck.

——Stocks will still be used in specific circumstances.

Watanabe: It is true, you remember very clearly (laugh).

——The more questions want to ask two. This time, the 7th game of Celebrity Battle became a very classic victory and defeat.I believe Watanabe is also very concerned about this game.What are the aspects of you?

Watanabe: Is there a norm in the Go industry in the Go world in the first day?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, it is not the same as before. It is also very common to be nearly 100 hands on the first day to nearly 100 hands.

Watanabe: Will there be no collapse at this time?

Zhiye Tiger Pills: This situation is also available (laughs).Sometimes the winning percentage of more than 90%on the first day.

Watanabe: 90%of this winning percentage, is AI itself and his own game reached 90%of the conclusion?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Yes, AI thinks of winning rate.

Watanabe: But the professional chess player feels different, Zhiye Tiger Wan: However, if the winning rate is 90%, the professional chess player can sometimes see whether it is black or white.

Watanabe: In this situation, if the two professional chess players go down, will the 10 chess scores be 9 to 1?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: 9-1 from intuition is also possible, but even the title battle, the winning percentage of 90%on the first day, has been reversed many times.So even if it is behind the first day, it is not to the extent to the need to give up.But for us, try not to put the situation into a one -sided pattern on the first day.

Watanabe: In the two -day system in the Go industry, if there is one party that may collapse, and there is a method that can be mixed in the past, will it be compromised because it is a two -day system.What about the next method?Because there may be one party that collapses on the first day of this game.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Sometimes this situation is encountered, but it does not mean that it must be a hundred at this time.Many times you still choose other methods, and then the gap is pulled open.On the other hand, will the rhythm of the first day be slow?

Watanabe: The gap will be opened on the first day, and sometimes the critical areas of victory and losses appear on the first day.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: Is there only this trend until recently?

Watanabe: Yes, but the two -day system is fighting on the first day. In fact, I am also very unwilling.

Zhiye Tiger Pill: It is indeed.Sometimes insomnia or something is because of this.

Watanabe: Yes, some of the chess games that have collapsed will be like this.But when the Go celebrity battle was 7, did you not encounter a situation where one party would collapse directly?Basically, how can it be a game of chess.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In the seventh inning, there are actually some time to collapse, but from the results, it still stands up.When I finished the first day, I felt that this situation was even more common.

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