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Quiet: The first professional chess player in the Go industry was born

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Excerpt from: Sankei News

Author: Ito Yoshiyoshi

Translation and finishing: The excuse is quietly traveling back

On December 7th, the Japanese Chess Academy held a press conference for the two professional chess players in Tokyo ’s house in 2023.From April 1 next year, Sanghara (14 years old, picture right) and Chongchuan Mingji (16 years old, picture left) will officially become professional chess players.

The master of the new section of Sanghara was his mother -Sanghara Yangzi Sixth Section. The Japanese Chess Academy said that this is the first professional chess player in history as a teacher and apprentice relationship.In the same impact of professional chess players, the winter chess player adopted the test single -cycle system, and Sanghara became a professional chess player with 14 wins and 1 loss.Sanghara said: “I hope to be a player who can be based on the World Championship.”Chongchuan Mingji, who ranked second with 11 wins and 4 losses, said happily: “I regard this test as the last challenge, and I am very happy to successfully set.”

In October 2019, Sanghara became the student of the Japanese Chess Academy. Although the scheduled test last year was not more than half of the 7 wins and 8 losses, although this time he lost in the first game, it has become a professional chess in the 14th game since then.hand.

In the Japanese Chess Academy, the players who used their father as a master include Zhongyi San (Master from Zhongyi Ninth Section), as well as Zhang Xincheng’s first paragraph and Zhang Xinzhi in the early paragraphs of Zhang Xinzhi.The mother is also the first stage of Xu Wenyan (the mother is Jin Yan’s four sections, and the teacher from Guangyong Chun made six sections) and so on.So far, the Japanese Chess Academy, which has a history of 98 years, said: “There are some data before the war, although some data are missing, but the mother should be the first place as a teacher’s professional chess player.”

At the age of 5, Sanghara, his mother began to teach chess through the small chessboard of the nine ways. Sanghara said that he felt the charm of Go.During the second grade of elementary school, he came to the fourth section of Hong Qingquan, who had cultivated the Qili Liao Qi, the celebrity of Zhi Ye Tiger Wan celebrities and other chess players.”At that time, I felt that I had to be a professional chess player.”

In the Showa period of Sanghara, the disciple system who lived in the master’s house was still alive.Under the gate of Mugu Shi, the Heroes of the Heroes of the Bamboo Heroes, the honorary celebrities of Zhao Zhixun, and the reputation of Zhao Zhixun have since won the title.Not only did they receive hard training during primary and secondary school students, but even daily living have strict requirements for them.

In the Pingcheng period, Yoshan Yutai three times took many years and the master Shi Jingbang Sheng Jiu Paradise made more than 1,000 trays of practice chess and became a professional chess player.At the same time, like a celebrity of Zhi Ye Tiger, the master who does not directly do the chess players.

If you want to become a professional chess player, there is also a female “female chess player adopting the exam”, but Sanghara Yangzi became a professional chess player in the same game with the male chess player in 1996.So far, only 4 female chess players who are called “general places” are only available, and Sanghara Yako has won the title of female outlook in 2000.In the past ten years, Sanghara Yangzi has been a lecturer at Qingshan College University, and has also raised high evaluation in guidance.Sanghara Yako suggested to his son Sanghara: “I hope to learn chess every day, and then live a day with modest and politely.”Sang Yuanshu said: “Chinese and Korean players are too strong, and I hope that she can become the strongest means at all times like Jingshan Yutai three crowns.”

The two new first paragraphs will be able to participate in professional events from January next year.The mother and son can not only play against the game at home, but in the future, they are likely to play against each other.

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