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Quickly forget the pain of being eliminated?Neymar’s return party is criticized by fans

In this World Cup, Neymar was very sad after the team was eliminated and shed painful tears.EssenceAfter the Neymar, he said that it was difficult for him to accept everything. It was like a nightmare. He couldn’t believe what happened. Now he has to go home to hug his family, and they can provide him with comfort.The trauma caused by this defeat will last for a long time. The Brazilian team has not realized his dream, but this is football.

It is interesting that in just a few days, Neymar completely forgets the pain.After returning to Brazil, Neymar first praised Anna Malcovic’s cool photos of “the most sexy women’s football player in the world”, and then opened a party at home.

Although Neymar tried to keep a low -key, the news was leaked.

Neymar’s behavior inspired the anger of Brazilian fans. Some fans criticized online: “Neymar is not worth playing in the national team, see his performance in Paris, and then look at his performance in the Brazilian team. You see MeiIs West’s performance when he was in Croatia? “

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  1. It is understandable to enjoy life outside the court.Enjoy football on the court and win, I cheered.Losing, I burst into tears.Outside the court, I am extravagant, I am frugal, and I enjoy life with joy. Why is it wrong?

  2. …. What is the matter of opening the party about the party …, I am really full and support … [Khan] [Khan] [Khan]

  3. KPI.Not to mention the next day, not to find fun that night

  4. Neuropathy, he had already won the merits

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