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Qiu Zihang and Wang Qianzi won the Finals of the Chinese Amateur Open Finals

On December 25, after four days of competition, the “GAC Honda · 2022 China Amateur Open · Finals” ended successfully in the Guangdong Zhenhu Golf Club.

The 54-hole leader Qiu Zihang Finals played 70 shots, with a total score of 283 (71-72-70-70, -5), and won the first Chinese amateur open championship with a huge advantage of 5 rods.Wu Yinxuan scored 72 shots for two consecutive days, with a total score of 288 (75-69-72-72, E), ranking runner-up.Fang Zean followed the third place with 289 (75-70-70-74,+1).

The women’s group also produces a new annual championship.Wang Qianzi won 77 shots, with a total score of 297 (70-75-75-77,+9).Han Zilin won the runner-up with the total score of 298 (75-76-73-74,+10). Zhang Jiayi scored 75 to win the third place with 301 (79-73-74-75,+13).

Men’s group, Qiu Zihang won the annual championship for the first time

Starting with the advantage of 2 shots, Qiu Zihang grabbed two birds in the first and second cave. After Wu Yinxuan in the same group swallowed Bai Bai in the first hole, Qiu Zihang’s leading advantage expanded to 5.This makes Qiu Zihang more determined.

Although Wu Yinxuan grabbed the birds in the 4th and 6th holes, it once narrowed the gap between him and Qiu Zihang.However, Qiu Zihang immediately hit it and took a 12 -foot bird push in the 6th hole. The 7th hole was sent to the cave cup to catch the next dead bird with the second pole of the precision hardcore. The 8th hole was domineering.Foot long push.

The bird’s three combos laid the victory for Qiu Zihang and ended suspense early.After the transfer, although Qiu Zihang had no bird in the bill, other players’ performance was relatively bland, making Qiu Zihang’s pressureless.In the end, he played 70 shots for 2 consecutive days to win the championship with 5 shots.

This is the second consecutive week after winning the men’s group A championship in Yangjiang to win the Men’s Group A in Yangjiang last week.Qiu Zihang said: “I am very happy to win the championship, because the last champion was Ding Wenyi. He was an example of Chinese amateur players and my role model. This victory made me feel closer to him.pride.

“This is the first two consecutive weeks to win in national competitions for two consecutive weeks. I was a little nervous during the game. Fortunately, I stood up to the pressure and persisted in the last victory.”

The victory made him deeper about GAC Honda Honda · China Amateur Open.Qiu Zihang said: “I am familiar with this event. I often participate in the competition. The service of the event, the choice of the host venue, and the lineup of the event have made me appreciate. The red jacket of the championship is the first jacket I won.When I put on it, I said to myself, I finally won. “

The performance of the Fang Zegan finals for the fourth consecutive year is remarkable. Pushing into 8 feet of birds in the first hole, we ushered in the opening of the door.Next, he next to the fifth hole.After the transfer, he directly attacked the flagpole at the position of 85 yards in the second hole, and the ball stopped at a 1 -foot from the hole cup.

After that, his performance was relatively silent. It was not until the 18th hole that he was eye -catching again. He played perfectly in this five -hole hole.Get off the officer.Fang Zeqian said: “In the past four years, my performance is better than the previous year. It is always happy to make progress.”

In addition, Fu Yanhao ranked fourth with 292 (73-72-73-74,+4).Wang Yiyang ranked fifth with 295 (70-74-75-76,+7).

Two wins and two wins, Wang Qianzi Zihan won the finals of the finals

This is the second “GAC HONDA · 2022 China Amateur Open” by the 14 -year -old Beijing girl Wang Qianzi.Earlier, Wang Qianzi, who participated in the first competition at Beijing Station, made successfully, thus shortlisted for the annual finals.

When he came to Zhenhu for the first time to participate in the finals, Wang Qianzi again turned this event into her “Fortune”.In the first three rounds, she always occupied the top list.Today, Wang Qianzi took a 4 -shot advantage. She hit the first 12 holes in front of her and swallowed 5 bogey.

Han Zilin grabbed the birds on the third day of the second hole for the third consecutive day. Interestingly, in this three -shot hole, she sent the ball from the sender to the cave cup for three days and caught the dead bird.Next, Han Zilin took the ball from 30 yards to the position of 30 yards in the third hole of the 6th hole to send the ball very close to the flagpole to win the second bird in this round.

After the 12 holes, Wang Qianzi’s results slipped to +9. Han Zilin’s grades were +10, and the gap between the two was reduced to 1 shot.The situation on the field became delicate.At this time, Wang Qianzi seemed to wake up suddenly. After adjusting her mentality, she never made a mistake.

When he came to the most critical hole, Wang Qianzi attacked the ball to the side of the green, and the rod of the crotch was not ideal. Although the ball fell on the green, he left an embarrassing distance of 18 feet.At this time, she promoted the hole in a stable mentality and won a valuable Pa.Since then, the balance of victory has completely tilted to Wang Qianzi.In the 18th hole, the two players were successful, and Wang Qianzi’s 1st advantage was maintained to the end.

Wang Qianzihan said: “I have a relationship with this event. When I was in Beijing, I had entangled whether to participate in the competition because of my studies? After registration, I won the championship smoothly. This is the same.Folding, but in the end, he still achieved his own goals. “This is Wang Qianzihan’s last game this year. It is of great significance.She became the youngest champion in the history of the event.She said: “This year’s performance can be described by step by step, played a lot of games, achieved a lot of goals, got the title of” sports health “, accumulated a lot of experience, and the technology has also improved.It is affirmation of my ball skills, bringing me a lot of confidence. “

Han Zilin said: “My competitive status is not ideal this week. Many key push rods have not been able to win. Wang Qianzi’s victory is renamed. Due to the isolation reasons, there are relatively few training, and some hands are raw.Not very in place, I hope to make better results next time. “

Zhang Jiayi, the double crown of the event, scored a satisfactory 75 shot today. She participated in the finals for the first time to win the third place.Her performance in the 9th hole was the most outstanding. In this five -hole hole, she used 3 shots to attack the ball into the green, leaving a 90 -foot push pole, two pushes, and Paipa succeeded.

Zhang Jiayi said: “The push rod played well in this round, only 28 pushes in the audience. I only have 2 bids on the first nine, but after 6 times, I can do everything. After the transfer, the hardcore performance has been improved. Although it failedTake the birds, but keep it in many important Pache. In general, because the body is uncomfortable two days ago, it is average.

In addition, Luo Yizhi’s total score was 302 (75-76-74-77,+14), ranking fourth.Liu Langxian’s final round of the final round made her ranking, which made her rank, with a total score of 304 (82-75-76-71,+16).

After the match, the organizing committee held a grand awards ceremony at the Guangdong Zhenhu Golf Club.

Wang Yuping, vice chairman of the China Golf Ball Association, and honorary chairman of the GAC Honda Foshan Association and Zeng Zhiming, Chairman of GAC Honda Foshan Baoxing Store, Changxing Store Chairman Zeng Zhiming, jointly awarded the men’s champion Qiu Zihang.Feng Xiong, director of the Golf Ball Center, and Wang Chaofeng, vice chairman of the Guangdong Golf Society, jointly presented the award to the women’s champion Wang Qianzi.Jia Xiaofeng, the director of the competition department, presented the award to the men’s Ji Qian and the women’s third place Zhang Jiayi.

During the competition, more than a dozen media, including the authoritative media CCTV Sports Channel CCTV5+, live broadcast live broadcast on the last two rounds, and obtained widespread attention from the industry and abroad. This is the fifth consecutive year of CCTV Sports Channel to report the finals in the form of live broadcast.

“GAC HONDA · 2022 China Amateur Open · Finals” is hosted by the China Golf Association, hosted by the Guangdong Golf Ball Association, Guangdong Golf Center, Guangdong Zhongao International Sports Promotion Co., Ltd. exclusively, GAC Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.The crown is named and won the brands such as Chinese Sports Lottery, Taylor, Yali, Edma, School of Sports, Supreme, Merrippus, Golf, Number, USWing, Noris and other brandsFollow and support.

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