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Qian Taishan Famous General: The Football Association Cup Shandong should adhere to the finals or overtime

On January 8th, Beijing time, Liu Yue, a famous star and a famous commentator in Shandong Taishan team, accepted an interview with the Jinan Times and talked about the upcoming 2021 China Football Association Cup final.

The 2021 China Football Association Cup final will be held on the evening of January 9 at the professional football field of Phoenix Mountain in Chengdu. During the outlook, Liu Yue, a famous Shandong Taishan team, believed: “In the second stage of the Super League, Shandong Taishan team and the Shanghai Harbor team are in the Guangzhou Division. The two teams have no secrets. In this context, no, no, no, no There is a way to give up myself and make targeted arrangements for the opponent. At this time, it must be based on me. Sometimes changes may not be able to achieve good results, so I think the Taishan team should still adhere to their own play. “

Regarding the particularity of the FA Cup final, Liu Yue further said: “In a competition of a fixed defeat, the occurrence of accidental factors is often more important for both sides of the decisive battle. For example The red card or penalty can change the result of the game, which requires the players to increase their attention. In addition, if the yellow card is shown to play, if the opponent gets a single -knife ball, is there a clear consensus? How to deal with these problems at different stages of the game requires the coaching team to have a detailed plan. “

In the end, Liu Yue also predicted the game, and the possibility of overtime in this showdown was very high. He said: “Everyone will be very cautious in this kind of competition. The Taishan team should focus on stability. Therefore, the two teams also make mistakes to compete earlier.”

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  1. Zuo Liu Yue, You Li Bin, Three Middle School Li Ming, Wu Gang, Yu Yuanwei! It was also very good that year!

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    Donotfollowtheroutinecards-WangFried 11月 16, 2022 at 9:00 上午

    Taishan press the top, crushing the dock

  3. Mu Yi must stare, feel that the state of this foreign aid is getting better and better! If you can enter and add, it will not be a bad thing for the Taishan team! [Insidist]

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    ZhejiangUniversityradishcardad 11月 16, 2022 at 9:00 上午

    should be 95%of domestic players. Liu Yue was selected as the national team at the age of 20.

  5. To prevent the super Jinyuan Olympic wet, Taishan was half successful. Come on, Taishan, for the people of the country [haha] [haha] [haha] [Haha] [Haha]. Essence Essence Essence

  6. Site, what level you are when you play, there is only one mouth, no other, no other

  7. Taishan should do a plan that encountered referee unfair punishment and interference in small black houses! Intersection Intersection After all, the dock totem Shenzhucan began to go out again! Intersection

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