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Qatar World Cup opening ceremony: Friman String of Korean Star Performance

On November 20th, the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 was held at the Daha Sea Bay Stadium.

The French team of the last championship team, Dedselli, escorted the Hercules Cup into the opening ceremony.

Morgan Friman and Qatar World Cup Ambassador Ghanim Al-Mutah came to the middle of the stage, and the two began to talk.Friman spoke many times and stunned the audience.

Korean star Tian Yiguo (black) sang the official song of the World Cup “Dreamers” on the spot

Qatar World Cup mascot

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  1. The opening ceremony did not leave a classic moment. It was too average. The opening ceremony of the World Cup was only left in 90 years, and the rest was quickly forgotten.

  2. Argentina won the Hercules Cup! Intersection Intersection Intersection Praise and praise! Intersection Intersection

  3. Are you looking for the wrong stage? That is shameful!

  4. You are TMDSX, I am the live broadcast of CCTV watch

  5. Are you nc? The live broadcast is very good

  6. shameful CCTV, there is no live broadcast in the opening ceremony

  7. The most unpleasant World Cup theme song!

  8. Football is also a cultural inheritance. I want to ask Chinese football people. You have to leave some of the old books and leave some of them.

  9. The opening ceremony is good, wonderful!

  10. This is a Western version of Ah Piao

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    Treepeoplebecomeactions 11月 21, 2022 at 2:07 上午

    This mascot is a bit 瘆

  12. very good opening ceremony, I wish each team good luck. Here is a wonderful football game for fans at dusk! Intersection Intersection

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