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Puhe at home is too scary! All the strong Superscene of the Chinese Super League returned and did not taste the victory.


Puhe red diamond home

In the just-concluded AFC Champions League East Asian semi-finals, Shanghai Shanggang 1-1 Puku and Red Diamonds away, the total score was 3-3. Shanghai Shanggang once again fell under Puhe red drilling foot with the devil’s home. At this point, Puhe Red Diamond has not lost in the Super League team at home. Evergrande, Shanggang, Guoan, and Shenhua have returned here. [Suggestion is too unexpected? Big data prediction AFC Champions League Cai Lottery] [Xu Yang He Wei and other big coffee interpretations] [Download app]

Puwa Red Diamond’s home Saitama 2002 Stadium can be called the first devil at home in Asia. The stadium can be 6,3700. Whenever the competition comes, there must be a red ocean in the field. In the first round of the AFC Champions League group stage this season, Puhe Red Diamonds played its power at home. The goal of Tomano Zhizhang and Hashigang Dashu helped the team win 3-0 Wudi Nanlian; When the national security field was suppressed, he returned to home with a 3-0 at home. Nagasawa Kazuki, Muto Bucks, and Xingyu scored the goals.

Although the home power of Puhe Red Diamonds has declined this season, for the Chinese Super League team, this home is still a nightmare of Shanghai, Guoan and other teams. The second shot and got 6 wins and 1 draw. At the same time, Puhe Red Diamonds and Shanghai Shanggang AFC Champions League played a total of 5 times, and Puhe Red Diamond defeated Shanghai Shanghai Port 2 times at home. In the 2017 AFC Champions League East Asian finals, Puhe Red Diamonds tied Shanghai Shanghai Port 1-1 away, returned to the home to defeat Shanghai Hong Kong 1-0, and won the AFC Champions League championship.

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  1. Not at home horror, the Chinese team is too wasteful

  2. Wastewwun, Wulinanke Jeon north, the north hanged Guoan, Guoan hangs Wuruine [haha] [haha]

  3. That flat is Shanghai Shenhua If you take it, you still do n’t mention the lores

  4. Shenhua should not mention it

  5. This is what you have no knowledge. Shenhua has never kicked the team you loved by China. The standings are fourth, and only 4 points ahead of the downgrade area. See what opponents of the last 5 rounds are facing: Kashima Antlers (November 2), Hiroshima three arrows, Kawasaki striker, FC Tokyo, Osaka Steel, Except for Osaka, the top of the standings, that is to say, to be relegated to the end of September and October, these rounds are the opportunity to grab points (the opponent is not too strong), and October is just the 2nd round of the AFC Champions League semi -finals. Time, Puhe Red Diamond must make a choice.

  6. China A League?

  7. Reply
    tonyhorseyoucan6512413034 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    For so many years, can the AFC Champions League get out in the Asian arena? [Hee hee]

  8. The key is to buy a waste foreign aid

  9. Do you have won several league championships? [Haha]

  10. Red skin is called

  11. Reply
    EnthusiasticnetizenXingSoo 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    Are you too conscious yp

  12. The home of the red diamond, the fans are full of momentum. The highest place in Japan is the home. Looking forward to Evergrande can play a beautiful and victorious away away.

  13. Everything has lost in everything [hee hee]

  14. The best home on the earth

  15. Reply
    TheMigratoryBirdsoftheSolid_EX 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    The venue is full

  16. | 和 和 都 | | | |, amazing! This season!

  17. Reply
    RoyalLeisureScenicSite 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    The Shanghai team must lose in the Japanese knockout match, which has nothing to do with strength, mainly temperament. Not atmospheric.

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