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Prospective: Reading the most important battle in the first battle of the Guangzhou team to fight hard to win

Source: The sports world of big guys (Cong Shuoming)

Whether the Guangzhou team can finally relegate will be successful. I believe that the Guangzhou Derby, which is about to start tomorrow night, will play a decisive significance!The standings situation is placed there, and only one team can have one successful ashore. Whether the Guangzhou team can be relegated smoothly. This game against Guangzhou City is not only a 6 -point contest, but also has a pivotal establishment of the ultimate establishment of the overall situation.influences.

Although the Guangzhou team is now leading 1 point in Guangzhou City, because there is still a match with the Hebei team in Guangzhou City, the Derby Guangzhou team must win, otherwise it will lose the initiative to relegation.

It can be seen through the previous competition that when several veterans played together, the performance of the team would be much more stable. Given the importance of this game, Huang Bowen and Zhang Chenglin who had not appeared in this game had to appear as long as the conditions were allowed!Even if you can only play for half a game, if Zhi Ge can enter the big list, even if he has not played in the end, it will be greatly encouraged by the team … In addition, the Guangzhou team should pay attention to the right.Candidates, but including Fan Hengbo, Chen Quanjiang and other teenagers, both personal abilities and experience are insufficient, and the right often becomes the main direction of the opponent.The Guangzhou Derby must strive to win, especially the defense on the right side, especially the right side, must be done well.

Guangzhou City is currently lagging behind the Guangzhou team. The relegation situation is also very severe. Their recent situation is not good. In the last 7 rounds, the league was defeated, but there were only 5 games in five games.The Derby Guangzhou City will also strive to win. If they can get 3 points in this game, and there is a game with the Hebei team in the back, their hope of relegation will increase greatly.

In order to prepare for this crucial Derby battle, the main players such as Han Jiaqi, Glasty, Kaldona, Tang Miao, Ji Teng, and Licexiang have not played in the match with the competitions of the Harbor.If no accident, they will return to the starting lineup in this Derby War.

When the war is touched, it is self -evident to the two teams to see the important level of this campaign. I believe that this is also the only game that can make the fans who care about Guangzhou football in the World Cup game.conflict.Looking forward to the Guangzhou team fighting for a lot of time, truly kick out a game everyone wants to see.

Result prediction: Guangzhou team victory

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    Evergrande information should be let go if you really love football. There is a kind of love to let go, but it is part of our lives.

  2. Haha, this is funny, when the coach goes to play for 20 minutes.The opponent should be careful of their knees!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection[Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

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