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Prospective: England wants to win the United States to break the magic score of 2-0?


England victory over Iran

At 3 am on November 26th, Beijing time, Group B in the World Cup group, England ushered in a face -to -face confrontation with the United States. In the first round, England defeated Iran with 6-2 soldiers, and the United States was tied by Wales with an advanced 1 goal. It is believed that after this game, the situation of Group B will become clear.

As one of the popular topics, England did show the matching strength in the unveiling battle. Benefiting from the adjustment of the replacement rules, 5 people’s reserves of the Three Lion Corps have become more obvious. In the unveiling battle, except for Maruire’s replacement of Dell due to injuries, all four other replacement places in England were used for the front line, Kane, Saka, Munte, Starlin, Grallish, Rashfufu, Rashfufu On the German, Fudden, and Wilson, it can be said that the four people who have replaced are also the top level of the Premier League. Such a front line is really enviable, and it also makes the coach Sosgate have more backhand space.

In the unveiling battle, the team captain and offensive core Harry Kane suffered a foot injury. He was also replaced in the 75th minute, which could not help making the Three Lions a little nervous. However, the good news is that before the game, Kane had participated in the team’s complete training and has not played a lot of problems in the United States. In addition, the defender line also ushered in a good good. In an interview with the media, Kyle Walker said that his body has fully recovered and can play against the United States. Whether it is a 3 defender or a 4-back system, Walker has always been in a claimal. His Majesty’s next important force, his comeback provides more tactical choices.

In the United States, they shook hands with Wales in the first battle. Xiaowea helped the team to gain an advantage, but the teammate’s 82nd minute delivery made them fail to win. Unfortunately, the missed 3 points also made the team’s outline situation subtle. They need to get more scores in England and Iran. In terms of lineup, American coach Belhart used the 4-3-3 formation in the unveiling battle. Via and Plishich ranked on both sides. McKenney, Taylor Adams, and Musa sat in the midfield. In fact, the United States’ startup still has five major leagues in the midfielder, but the biggest problem is that there is a certain gap between the bench and the main force, which also makes them lack of effective adjustments.


Lottery data

At present, Cai Cai officially issued 1.39 (win) 3.85 (square) 6.25 (negative) odds data for the game. In terms of scores, England’s odds 1-0 and 2-0 are 6, 2-1, 3-0, and 3-1, respectively 6.9, 9, 11, respectively. This is also the score of the two parties when the World Cup played against.

For England, the victory in this field is basically locked and promoted, and the Three Lions also have such strength. It is worth noting that England has never defeated the United States in the World Cup. I believe this time is the best opportunity.

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  1. The victory of England benefits from the rules of substitution. It seems that the opponent can also change the five striker?

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