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President of the United States Talk to the LIV League confrontation: Now is the competition of products and products

On January 10, Beijing time, Jay Monahan, president of the US Tour, described the two tournaments on Sunday, pointed out that they were taking different roads.Finish.

“We are now in the stage of the product to the product,” Jie Monanham said.

This is the first time since the August Tour Championships in August last year, Jie Monanham talked about the confrontation between the US Tour and the LIV golf in public.It was also at that time, he outlined the concept of 2023 bonuses of 20 million US dollars.

The US Tour has started the top schedule in the sentry championship.This is not far away from Saudi Arabia, Liv Golf, led by Graig Norman, is not far away in the first season to complete the 8 stops.

Liv golf will not come back until February 23 to 26.Mexico’s Maya Koba Golf Resort has held the US Tour every year since 2007, and will host the first stop of the LIV golf in 2023.The total bonus of each station of LIV Golf is $ 25 million, of which the bonus of the group competition is $ 5 million.

Including the prize bonus, Dustin Johnson made $ 35.6 million in 8 stops last year.

After the tournament, the US tour announced the ban on six players signed with LIV golf. Among them, well-known players include the British Open Champions Cameron Smith and Joaquin Niemann (Joaquin Niemann).EssenceThis caused Cameron-Smith to be unable to defend the title in Caparua this week.

In addition to the rope, there is also the Liv Golf charged with the monopoly lawsuit of the US tour, as well as the US tour against the Liv Golf.The initial lawsuit in August has been waited for January 2024 to be tried, and a simple judgment can be obtained at the end of June.

Jei Monanha said he can only focus on the reform of the US tour.

“We have our own schedule. We have already begun. We will get better and better,” Jei Monanha said. “They have their schedule. We will maintain the most competitive and exciting tour of men’s professional golfThe status of the game.

“Their schedule is different from us. We will move along our own path, and they will follow their own.”

Liv Golf is a 54 -hole event, without a elimination line, 18 holes kicks up at the same time, and also calculate the total rod of 12 groups.LIV golf is still waiting for the reply of the world points organization, can they get points.

In addition to the challenge from Liv Golf, the US Tour itself is also in the reform schedule. Players hope that this schedule can help the US tour to maintain its leadership in the next 10 years.The core player said this year is the bridge of 2024.

The core idea of reform is to gather the best players more frequently, so that fans can understand which golfers will participate in advance and where they will participate.In contrast, the LIV golf asked his golf to participate in all 14 stops in the schedule, no matter when they ended the season.

In addition, the small lineup also has a forward driving force.The sentry championship is the first stop of the small lineup of the five stations this year.Another stop is the World Bitong match held by Texas, which is likely to hold the last session this year.The Federal Express Cup has also become a boutique lineup.

Even the top-ranking competition in 2024 will decrease. Jei Monanham believes that the elimination line of the competition is still important.

“I have always thought that this sports project is important,” he said. “Is there a elimination line to depend on our final number of participants?

Jie Monanham also stated that the autumn schedule was announced during the player championship as early as the March player championship.Autumn events are the opportunity to qualify for 2024 for some players. He estimates that some top players are willing to participate.

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