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President Ghana: Bailey said that the African team can take the World Cup to say that it is us

Ghana President Akufu Adoda’s prophecy of Wang Belley recently re -entered the ball, that is, a African team can win the World Cup championship.The president believes that this team is Ghana.

Belle Belly predicted 50 years ago that a African team would hold the Hercules Cup before the end of the 20th century.Ghana President Akufu Abado’s World Cup this year also borrowed Belly’s blessings to give the Ghana national team the most lofty blessing: “A long time ago, the greatest football player Beli once said that African countries would soon win,In the World Cup, I know that he is talking about Ghana. We do not distinguish between politics, religion and race. We are united and believe that we will go far in Qatar. “

The Ghana Football Association also said that the national team can hold up the banner in the World Cup and bloom.

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  1. Bell is optimistic about the curse

  2. Have you ever asked Su Ya

  3. Haha should say that there are opportunities .. [hee hee] [hee hee]

  4. Belly say what you say …

  5. Unless Japan reaches the finals with you

  6. Reply
    Strawberrywithtoothpaste 11月 20, 2022 at 2:27 上午

    During the World Cup, please bring Bell to bring a good mask

  7. It is likely that the World Cup champion is Argentina. This is true!Say right!IntersectionIntersectionHahaha

  8. I think the strongest is Senegal.

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