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Prepare to fight!International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship Pingtan assembly

This weekend, Shell Xili International Auto Federation F4 Formula China Championship will be completed in the newly completed street stadium -Pingtan Ruyi Lake International Circuit to welcome the final battle of the 2022 season.On December 8th, the event officially entered the official link. After the preheating of two free practice links, the drivers are constantly deepening their “Lanjima Impression”. The preparations of each participating team are in full swing.

Detailed match

After the continuous accumulation of yesterday’s trials, the familiarity of the drivers’ familiarity with the Pingtan Ruyi Lake International Circuit is continuously deepening. After the flying is flying, the car in their hands is constantly refreshing the speed.Xie Yonglin, the champion of the New Section of the Suda Fighter, led the audience for two consecutive links. After the first section of free practice running 1: 55.182, he practiced in the second quarter of the second quarter.Xie Yonglin also became the only driver who rushed into the 1:55 mark today.

CD RACING driver Jing Zefeng and Smart Life Racing team’s two consecutive sections of the two consecutive sections of the two consecutive sections occupy the second and third positions. The fastest circle of the two drivers has made considerable progress.Lu Jingxi, the other driver of the Suda team, has gained fourth free practice for two consecutive sections. During the free practice in the second quarter, the gap between Jing Zefeng, Liao Qishun and Lu Jingxi has been within 1 second.The fifth and sixth ranking of today’s single-circle scores are Pan Yanqing of the Racing-Yong team of Racing-Yong teams and BlackJack 21.

The improvement of the track status, the improvement of the rhythm of driving allows almost every driver to refresh today’s fastest results in the second section of free practice. Based on the results of two free exercises, the circle speed list ranks seventh to tenth.The two are: Edka BY BLACKJACK team Pang Changyuan, BlackJack 21st racing Ye Pengcheng, Racing Yong team Yang Shengwei, Pingtan International Tourism Island Team Ma Yuetong, Leo Geeke (Liongo) team Lu Sixiang and CD Racing team Zheng Hui.

After practicing, drivers and drivers also expressed their eager expectations for the battle of Pingtan.

Driver interview

Xie Yonglin of the Speed Marlin Team

I am very happy to continue to punch the new track in the first F4 season. After a year, I have gained a lot of valuable experience, and it is much easier to face the new challenge.Because I am more familiar with the F4 car, I can also understand the track faster. Today, I practiced my play in two rounds, but there is still room for continuing to improve. I will work hard to run faster tomorrow.

BlackJack Twenty -first racing Ye Pengcheng

It may be due to all the drivers and friends tell me that the track was bumpy, and I had enough psychological preparation.The first time I came to Pingtan’s first circle, I almost couldn’t find the way.Each link is progressing, and the first driving F4 has gradually become handy. I believe that I will have a better play next.

Edka by BlackJack Pang Changyuan

The design of the Pingtan track is very fun!It is expected that there will be many overtaking and fighting vehicles in the game.It is a pity that today the car encountered some mechanical failures, but our technical team is very powerful. At present, the problem has been solved. I am looking forward to the ranking of tomorrow.

Pingtan International Tourism Island Team Ma Yue Tong

I do n’t have much driving experience in F4. At this stage, I still adapt to racing and track as soon as possible.Essence

CD RACING team Jing Zefeng

The design of Pingtan Ruyi Lake International Circuit is very interesting, and the feeling of running on it is also very exciting.But the bumpy road is a big challenge that every driver is facing, but I enjoy this process very much. I will continue to advance and launch an impact on better results.

CD RACING team Zheng Hui

The bumpy track plus high -speed bending and combined bend requires the driver to maintain a high degree of concentration during driving. Today I have made mistakes due to the ups and downs of the road.Through the experience and data collected in these two days, we have found a lot of details that can be improved and progressive. We look forward to tomorrow’s competition can be even higher.

BlackJack 21st racing Pan Yanqing

This is the first time I have participated in the F4 competition, and I am very happy to experience this new street field.This station is mainly to experience the environmental rhythm with the mentality of enjoyment. At present, everything is still very fresh.F4 Formula is very interesting, but the track is very bumpy, and the fear brought by the city track is also very exciting.I am still very satisfied with my own performance. After two sections of free practice, we have also gained a lot of valuable data and experience. Next, I will continue to optimize the racing adjustment with the characteristics of the track and my own driving method with the team.Looking forward to the decisive battle on the weekend.

Racing-Yong team Yang Shengwei

This is currently the longest highway track in China. From the perspective of my own track designer, I appreciate the design of this track, and it is also fun to drive in the game.Because on the seaside, it is a street race, and the beautiful scenery makes the drivers intoxicated. I will cherish this game experience.Compared with the traditional racing lot, the grip of the street race has changed more, and the flatness of the pavement is also different. Therefore, it is still more cautious in the game, hoping to give play to the level you deserve.Racing-Yong team Shang Zongyi

I haven’t participated in the competition for a while, and I am still slowly regaining my competitive state.At this stage, the focus of work is still on the team, so there is not a lot of exercises that I have left for themselves. Each section is also a test of a few laps to confirm the condition of the vehicle.However, there are still a lot of gains in the overall land, and I am more familiar with the track, and I am not as dangerous and difficult as expected.Tomorrow, I look forward to the team can have a good position and cheer for their drivers!

Su Jingxi, the Speed Marlin Team

After two days, I was still exploring the running method of this track. With the help of the data collected by the team, some suggestions from the engineer team and teammates, I was confident to get better results tomorrow, and I will continue to cheer.

Leo Geeke team Lu Sixiang

For the first time, I participated in the F4 competition and was a street game. The goal was to finish the game smoothly.After a few days of practice, I was slowly familiar with the entire track of the track, and the single lap time has also improved.Today’s official practice, the ground grip is better than the previous two days. It is also the first time I tried a new tire. There was a collision with other cars in the T13 section.Essence

Smart Life Racing Team Liao Qishun

Although I have experienced some field experience before, this site is the first time I drove the Fun -style car to participate in the street race. It is still in a stage of self -adaptation and adjustment. At present, it feels good. There is still room for rising.Weekend games have the opportunity to challenge the podium.

Tomorrow, Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship will start two disputes over the rankings, so stay tuned!

Event schedule

Friday, December 09 09: 20-09: 50 Ranking 1

13: 00-13: 30 on Friday, December 09th 2

11: 03-11: 33 on Saturday, December 10th, 11th round

14: 43-15: 13, the twelfth round of December 10th, December 10th

11: 28-11: 58 on Sunday, December 11th, the thirteenth round

15: 43-16: 13 on Sunday, December 11th, 14th round

After the team drivers have gathered, the attention is coming.Thanks to the title of the event, the official strategic partner, the official designated lubricant-Shell Xili, the official strategic partner-Geely Automobile, the official designated safety vehicle & medical vehicle-Xingyue S, thank you official strategic cooperationPartner, the only official designated tire-Jinhu tire, thank you only the official designation car-Wuling Automobile, the official self-recommended car maintenance products brand-car servant, thank you official clothing partner-Biqi Han, thank you official cars, thank you official carsPaint/car film partner-Du Ya, thank you official tool partners-Yierta Tools, thank the official designated drinking water-Quanyangquan, thank you official partner-Ho Shun, thank you official partner-Midi MidiJi, thank the official brake oil partner, Fosh for strong support for this season’s Shell F4 Formula Formula!See you tomorrow!

About Formula 4

F4, Fourth -level Formula, is an Formula event founded by the International Automobile Federation in 2014. Young people who are 15 years of age can participate after receiving Formula Training Course.The F4 equations aims to fill the gap between the kart and F3, and build a road from kart to F4 and F2 for young drivers. Finally, it enters F1’s promotion path.Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship was founded in 2015. It is the Formula of the Formula of the International Automobile Federation in China.The Championships is hosted by the China Automobile Motorcycle Sports Federation, and the Mingtai Racing Sports Co., Ltd. is exclusively operated and promoted. Shell Xili exclusively championship is designed to cultivate more adolescent drivers to the world’s top competitions such as F1.

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