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Premier League reminder: Southampton’s backward security zone 2 points to achieve 2 consecutive victories




1. Warfare: At present, the bottom of the standings is at the bottom of the standings, 2 points behind the safety line. In order to escape the downgrade area as soon as possible, the desire to grab the points is strong;

2. Fighting: In the past two times, they have maintained a full victory with the Nottingham Forests, and the results of the competition are excellent;

3. Overnight: This season, there are 7.8 successful places this season.

4. Fighting: This season, there are 14.3 successful contests, and the high -altitude ball processing capacity is the top three levels.


1. Status: In the last round of the league, Fulham was defeated. At present, the league has encountered a 5 -game losing streak, and the competitive status continues to be sluggish;

2. Attack: The average goal rate of the game this season is less than 1 goal, and the front firepower is the countdown of the Premier League;

3. Defensive: In the first 17 rounds, there were only 1 game of the league. The current defense quality is the third difference in the Premier League;

4. Adversity: This season, under the 13 games that lost the goal this season, there were only 2 victory in the end;

5, injury stop: Right -back Lifyono became doubtful due to the broken ligament.

Notting Han Forest


1. Warfare: At present, the countdown is the third place in the standings. The backward safety line is only the gap between the net victory. The desire to win is strong;

2. Montess: In the last round of the league, Ping Chelsea was forced, and the morale of the team was not a small improvement;

3. Data: In the past 5 games of the same initial data, there were finally 4 games running out.


1. Defense: The first 17 rounds of the league lost 34 goals, and the defensive quality was the second in the Premier League.

2. Cooperation: There are only 5 assists in the first 15 rounds of the league team, which is the least in the Premier League, and the team has a poor ability to cooperate;

3. Transmission control: This season, the average ball control rate is only 39%, and the success rate of passing is only 75%, which is the worst in the Premier League;

4. Adversity: This season, under the 8 games that lost the goal first this season, they finally lost and lost 7 games;

5, injury stop: Both back waist Kata and right -back Biyoni are currently injured.


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