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Premier League-Machus scoring Manchester City 1-0 victory over Chelsea

In the early morning of January 6, Beijing time, in the 19th round of the Premier League, Chelsea played against Manchester City at home, and finally lost to the opponent 0 to 1. Machus scored the only goal in the game.

In the 3rd minute of the game, Sterling was injured in confrontation and was replaced by Oba Meiyang.

In the 18th minute, Plissich was shoveled by Stone, and was replaced by Chukwumeca in the 22nd minute.

In the 43rd minute, Chukwuka shot, and the ball hit the column.

In the 51st minute, Debu Loun passed in, and Ak’s header hit the beam and popped up.

In the 63rd minute, the two players who had just played scored a goal. Gralish passed, Chelsea goalkeeper Kaipa leaked, and Machus followed the goal.

Manchester City won four consecutive victories against Chelsea, and Chelsea won only one game in the last eight rounds.

Chelsea’s appearance lineup: 1-Karpa, 28-Aspili Kuika, 26-Kulbari, 6-Tiago-Silva, 32-Kukuria (68 ’67-Lewis-Huo), 20-Zakaria, 22-Ziyei (68 ’23-Garrat), 8-Corvasic, 17-Stirin (5′ 9-Obameyan (68 ‘(68’56-Harchinsen), 29-Havatz, 10-Prilycic (22 ’30-Chuk Umeca)

Manchester City’s appearance lineup: 31-Edson, 2-Walker (46 ’25-Akanji), 5-Stone, 6-Ak, 7-Campselo (46′ 82-Rico-Lewis),16-Rodri (86 ‘4-Phillips), 17-Deblaub, 8-Jingduian, 20-B seats (60’ 26-Machres), 9-Harland, 47-Fudden(60 ’10-Grallish)

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