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Premier League: It will provide 100 million pounds to help low -level leagues recover from the epidemic

Beijing time on November 19th. The Premier League said that the Premier League will provide £ 100 million to help the low -level league recovery from the new crown epidemic.

The Premier League will provide additional financial support for 66 clubs in the British A, British League and the National League, and 66 clubs to help them continue to recover from the new crown epidemic. The Premier League promised to provide another £ 20 million to the British and British British Club in the 2021/22 season. At the same time, from now to 2025, it provides 5 million pounds to the National League and North and South Clubs.

Prior to this, the Premier League also provided the EFL Club with the new crown epidemic rescue plan and the funds to assist the non -league club during the epidemic.

This new fund is part of the Premier League promise to provide a part of £ 100 million in support in the next four years. The purpose is to provide security and sustainable development for low -level league clubs and help develop a football industry. This is part of the commitment to the government. The Premier League signed a three -year live and non -live broadcast agreement with Sky Sports, BT Sports, Amazon Prime Video and BBC Sports.

The Premier League CEO Richard Marsters said: “When the entire football industry is seeking to return to normal, we are glad to provide additional support for EFL and the national league club. The support of football at all levels is part of the additional funds we will provide to a wider range of pyramids and communities. The government approves us to update the British competition arrangements. We look forward to cooperating with our football partners to provide in the fields we really need to provide provides providing in the fields of real needs to provide provided in the fields of real needs. More important fiscal assistance, this will continue to help those clubs that are seriously affected by the new crown epidemic. “

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