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Premier League-Belgian iron gate 2 oolong Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City won 4 consecutive victories


Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City

December 31st, Beijing time at 04:00 (20:00 local time on the 30th of the United Kingdom), 2022/23 season Premier League 18th round exhibition, Liverpool at home 2-1, Disbury Hall LightningOn the goal, Fist twice herself from Oolong.Liverpool won the league 4 consecutive victories.

Only 4 minutes in the opening, Daka returned, and Disbury Hall broke through the lower left rib at the left rib to the lower left corner.Liverpool scored 2 goals and overtaken.In the 38th minute, Arnold made a cross on the right, and the front point of Fist intercepted the ball bias into the back corner, 1-1.In the 45th minute, Nenes broke through the arc in the penalty area and shot back the right column. He rushed back to the defense to hit the ball into the empty door, 2-1.


Leicester City 1-0, Disbury Hall


Liverpool 1-1, Fist oolong


Liverpool 2-1, Fist oolong

Liverpool (4-3-3): 1-Alison; 66-Arnold (86 ‘, 2-Gomez), 32-Matipu, 4-Van Dak, 26-Robertson (62’, 21-Qi Qi QiMakas); 19-Elliott (86 ‘, 43-Bayttic), 14-Henderson, 6-Tiago; 11-Salah, 27-Nuns, 15–Chamberlain (62 ‘, 8-Kaita)


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  1. If Fu Huan, how can he enter the oolong with both hands and one hand.

  2. Oolongmei opened twice, you can awards [Er Ha] [Er Ha] [Er Ha]

  3. If I would be killed by teammates on the court

  4. The first goal is purely unexpected!The second goal was a bit fake, but both sides were blocked by Liverpool players. His position is unlikely to kick the ball out of the house

  5. These two oolongs are really not lucky!It seemed to be magical in the meditation, this buddy must be crying without tears!

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    RevivalRedDevilsNinthYear 12月 31, 2022 at 2:18 上午

    abandoned, no wrong name.

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