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Pochettino: Winning in Paris is the fault of the coach of the coach

Argentine coach Pochettino said it was not easy to coach teams like Paris.

“Players have their own personality and talent. This situation only exists in teams like Paris. The environment for creating this model takes time. Players kick the American Cup, the European Cup, and return with injuries. They come here.In the new city, we encountered a new culture. We found that we have 9 or 10 players as captains of the national teams. I think this is an incredible experience that will never happen again in this world. “

“Now, with a year of experience, the players already know how to perform and which space can attack. That team, the most talented player came late, until January and February, we can continueThree days of training. “

Pochettino said that when the Paris coach is not easy: “I completely agree. Everyone looks down on the work of the coach. The most important thing is that when we win, it is due to personal talents. If we lose, it is the fault of the coach’s fault.”,”

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  1. One of them, Ru is a successful person?

  2. Think about Solskia, think Teng Hak, etc. at least you do n’t need to manage an abnormal person, it is already good

  3. not only low quality, but also ZHU Confucianism with less than 160 height.

  4. Bo Shuai was vomited by the suffering of Dalang ball, and the coal balls with low character died!

  5. yellow cards have more goals, unparalleled

  6. Uh, Messi fans hit people? Stabbed teammates? Selling the team? Selling for self -sale? The loy is connected? Still a retribution?

  7. Insufficient level is your problem. Tactics are not really worthy of this player.

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    RevivalRedDevilsNinthYear 11月 20, 2022 at 2:44 上午

    Pochettino did not dare to go out of control at the end of the spurs at the end of the spurs.

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    Mobilecheck-incheck-informobileattendance 11月 20, 2022 at 2:44 上午

    Portuguese two major Internet celebrities, worse than anyone else. [Yun Bei]

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