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Plum twice!21 -year -old Saka set a record of the English team

In the World Cup group stage, England played against Iran, and Arsenal’s teenager Saka performed well. He scored 1 goal in the first half to help the team lead the lead.

Sakaka is the first Arsenal player in England in the World Cup in 20 years. The last Arsenal player who scored the goal was Sol Campbell. He broke the goal in the 2002 World Cup against Sweden.

In addition, the 21 -year -old Saka became the youngest player of the World Cup of the World Cup, and the first U24 player to score at least 2 goals in the World Cup.

In the 70th minute of the game, Sosgate replaced Saka with Rashford.After the game, Saka also won the best honor in the audience.

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  1. Stelin sometimes feels short -circuit at critical moments. I do n’t know how to deal with the ball next second. I could score two goals last night. , Broke in front of the European team. I am very dissatisfied with the performance of shit comfortable in Manchester United, but in the face of Iranian players, I can only show that Iran is one of the worst teams in the World Cup. We have no power to fight back in front of such a team, which is really sad.

  2. There are many blacks in Britain now, and Hamilton, F1, is also British, and the French team is even more black and mixed.

  3. Lashford is a bit like Mbappe

  4. According to the old man, this son spleen deficiency.

  5. Saka has Golden Globe potential

  6. Is this British?

  7. Arsenal is already crying and dizzy in the toilet …

  8. Really ugly

  9. Several young people in England are very powerful, as well as Belinbem with the back waist, world -class performance

  10. Can I ask Wu Leiqiang?

  11. This guy is young, has wisdom in playing football, is too strong than happy Lin, and has a long future.

  12. Ban Wu Lei is too far away! Hahaha

  13. I watched my heart, but the passing of the ball was smooth

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