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Player influence project excludes the first phase of liv players’ first prize bonus issuance



On November 23, Beijing time, according to the memorandum of players issued to the players, the players who won the player influence project must be (1) a designated event agreed by the tour, (2) and the related of a player influence item project Event, 15 games (3), 12 of which are top -running competitions.

Woods is the only exception, mainly because his legs are injured and the number of participates is small. The president of the US Tour has the right to give up the requirements for the number of entries. As long as the players are seriously injured or there are urgent things at home, they cannot complete the obligation to participate.

In 2023, the player influence project begins in October and will run through the end of the season of next August. Woods will participate in the Hero World Challenge in the East of Bahamas next week.

Anyone who signed a LIV golf with Saudi Arabia cannot receive awards set by player influence items. Even if they do not take the initiative to give up their membership status, the US Tour will impose a penalty for them. This includes Phil Mickelson. Last year he tweeted that he won the award, although he confirmed afterwards, he ranked second after Woods.

Memorandum also pointed out that 25%of the player influence project bonus will be paid together in the revenue of the player in the sentry championship, and the remaining amount will be paid after the player completes three obligations.

It is unclear whether the Sean Lauri, Kevin Kisner, Rich Fooler, and Jansen Dai can get the first period because they are not qualified to obtain Caparuva.

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