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Pilling Ma Rui Basketai 5 consecutive red!Kelly & Haozi & Song Xiang’s single -day profitability breaks a hundred


Ball Tong expert prediction basketball

Ball Tong on Friday Basketball Review: The experts of today’s ball -pass platform continue to play stable, with a total of 12 experts achieve profitability! Basic Kelly Index, Haozi Rating and Song Xiang’s two NBAs, profitable. Ma Rui Basketai 5 consecutive red, excellent winning percentage! [View all authoritative ball pass experts]

Ma Rui’s basketball record is very good. Recently, a wave of 5 consecutive reds is completed. [Ma Rui Basketai 5 consecutive red! ]

The Basketai Kelly Index was all in the two forecasts on Friday, with a single -day profit of 140%among the best! [The Kelly Index is nearly 5 of 4! ]

Haozi has a good status in the ball, the basket is red, and the football is not hesitant. [Haozi Basketball Basketball Lian Ren! ]

After experiencing a wave of troughs, Song Xiang used two red orders on Friday to complete a strong rebound! [Song Xiang rebounded with red! ]

The NBA playoffs are fierce, how should I choose the basketball? Globe Basketball Experts to teach to everyone! [Click to view immediately] (

The Sina Ball Platform platform is more convenient. Caimin friends scan the QR code below to download the “small cannon APP”. The ball -pass expert is zero distance.

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