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Phoenix team: Zhou Qi needs to continue to recover and will be absent from this Sunday.

Beijing time on November 26th, the Phoenix team in the Southeast Melbourne of the Australian NBL League revealed that Zhou Qi needs to continue to recover because of the calf strain and will not play on Sunday with the Iravara Eagle team.

Toy Smith-Milner will replace Zhou Qi into the team’s list of the team. The Phoenix team did not introduce Zhou Qi for the specific recovery time. Zhou Qi was strained during training on November 4th.return.

Although he was injured in training, Zhou Qi still chose to go to Iran to meet with the Chinese men’s basketball team to go to the fifth window period of the preliminary preliminaries.Zhou Qi, who was against Iran, entered the list but did not appear, and did not enter the list against Barin.

Although Zhou Qi failed to play the game, he still chose to come from Australia to stand with the national team from Australia to inspire the morale of the team. The Chinese men’s basketball team also won two consecutive victories and won the World Cup qualification in advance.

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