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Phase 149 Soviet Double Color Ball Prediction Awards: Lanshu+Heavy Number Analysis

Last prize: Fucai Shuangse Ball No. 2022148 Phase: 02 15 16 17 21 31+14, of which the red ball is 4: 2, the three zone ratio is 1: 1, including 1 weight, including the continuous code, whichIn the combination, the blue ball opens the number and the number.

Recommended by the red ball strange ratio: The red ball last time the award number is 4: 2, and the couple of red balls are cold. In the first 9th phase of the prize, the number ratio of the red ball is 34:20.This issue is expected to be a hot red ball, and pay attention to the strange even 4: 2.

Analysis of Red Ball Code: In the previous issue, the red ball was released with a combination of continuous code 15 16 17. In the last 9th issue, the 8th Phase Number contains the combination of the code, and the number of the number of the code opening period is 88.9%.The proportion of the code appears high. At present, the continuous code has been issued for 6 consecutive periods. In this issue, the anti -connection code suddenly turns the cold wheel, and the combination of the continuous code is abandoned.

Analysis of Red Ball Heavy Number: In the previous issue, the red ball was opened with 1 weight number 02. In the first 9th issue, the red ball heavy number appeared in each period.In the 12th issue, the red ball is expected to continue to open in this issue, and it is optimistic that 1 last -stage red ball 15 appears.

Recommended by the three red balls: the three districts of the red ball in the previous period were 1: 4: 1.Hot, three districts are concerned 2: 3: 1.

Analysis of Blue Ball Number: Blue Ball 14 was launched in the previous period. The last 9 periods appeared in 5 blue. It was basically the same as the theory. The number of attention in the blue ball in this issue, referring to the number 06.

Susu dual color ball No. 2022149 prize number recommendation:

Double color ball 15+5 shrinkage recommendation: 01 04 05 06 09 10 13 14 15 20 22 24 29 31+04 08 09 12 12

Two -color ball selection 9+2 small duplex: 01 05 06 10 13 15 20 22 24+06 09

Double color ball 6+1 single reference: 01 05 13 15 20 24+06

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