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Phase 145 Jinpeng Double Color Ball Forecast Number: Langle Heavy Number and Value Analysis

Lottery Review: Fucai Shuangse Ball No. 2022144 Playing Award Number: 07 20 22 23 31 32+05.

Company code analysis: In the history of the same period, the award number of the joint code combination has 11 issues, and the frequency of the code appears is relatively high. The current code combination is not opened in the current year.Appear.

Heavy number analysis: In the history of the same period, a total of 10 years of the same period of the same period of the previous year was issued. The heavy number performance was very hot. At present, the heavy number continuously has not appeared for 1 year. This year, we should focus on focusing on attention this year.Open the number, follow the number 07.

Heat analysis: In the same period of history, the range of red balls and values is between 62-139 and the range of value fluctuations is large.Six years, pay attention to the same period this year.

Blue ball analysis: In the same period of the year, 12 blue ball numbers appeared, and the blue ball was widely distributed, mainly warm and cold blue balls. Among them, the number of declines in the blue ball was very active, indicating that the blue ball in the trumpet area was in the trumpet area.The trend is clear that the blue ball number is expected to continue to decline in this issue, and the attention number 04.

Comprehensive recommendation of Jinpengfu color double color ball No. 2022145:

Bile code reference: 07 18

Red ball excluded 7 yards: 03 10 17 21 25 27 28

Red ball 15 yards double reference: 01 07 09 11 12 13 16 18 20 22 23 24 26 31 32

Blue ball excluded 5 yards: 02 03 07 08 11

Five -yard blue ball reference: 01 04 12 15 16

Jinpengfu color double color ball No. 2022145 Selected one bet number: 07 13 18 22 23 24+04

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