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Phase 141 Tao Tao Double Color Ball Forecast Award: Red Ball and Value Analysis

Last prize: Fucai Shuangcang Ball 2022140 Phase Number is: 08 09 18 19 20 27+15.

Among them, the sum is 101, the size ratio is 4: 2, the strange ratio is 3: 3, and the three zone ratio is 2: 3: 1.

The two -color ball red ball in the last 10 periods is: 79, 113, 92, 92, 92, 117, 87, 140, 109, 74, 101.

Comprehensive analysis of red ball and value of red ball and value of Fucai dual color ball:

Better -duty puppet analysis: The last 10 periods and value -values are 6: 4. Among them, the odds and values are active. After the odds and values were opened in the previous period, the expected odd numbers and values in this issue continued to be hot.

Analysis of the value of value: The last 10 period and the value ratio of the value is 4: 6, of which the small and values have a high frequency. Currently, 2 consecutive periods are opened.Essence

Analysis of tail size: The last 10 period and the tail size ratio is 4: 6, the large and tail performance is relatively cold. At present, the period is missing for 2 periods. In this issue, the large and tail replenishment is appropriately followed.

Analysis of tail quality: The last 10 periods and tail quality are 6: 4. The quality and tail performance are relatively hot. After the quality and tail occurred in the previous period, the expected quality and tails in this period appeared.

Betting of the value span analysis: The previous period and the value opened 101, compared with the 2022139 period and the value increased by 27 points. In this issue, it is optimistic about the small value of the small area. It is expected to open around 95.

Fucai dual color ball No. 2022141 Recommended: 03 05 06 10 12 13 15 16 17 21 24 27 30 33+01 03 08 11 12

Two -color ball 22141 Phase Single Reference: 03 06 13 16 24 33+08

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