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Perfect ending! Little cannon and France win the World Cup nearly 13 of the World Cup


France World Cup to win the championship

In the early morning of July 16, Beijing time, the World Cup final, France won the Croatia 4-2 and won the championship. Sina cannon hit France 1 to win 1.95 to win. The World Cup predicted nearly 11 of 13, and the hit rate was as high as 85%.


Successful spoiler France won the game

After the World Cup finals changed the cautious style, the two teams kicked off early and played a very wonderful attack. Sina small cannon hit the first 90 -minute consequences, and hit the market at the same time!

Want to know what the process of the cannon prediction is, click here to view it! [Big Data perspective see the analysis process]

Big data perspective notification analysis process


In this game, the small artillery world cup fruit prediction predicted that there were 11 games in the last 13 games, the hit rate was as high as 85%! After entering the knockout stage, the small cannon seems to fully adapt to the routine of the World Cup, and the hit rate has soared!

World Cup forecast for nearly 13 of 11


The World Cup has ended, but the Football Lottery prediction will not stop. The small cannon has recently predicted 10 in the small league. The state is even more hot.

Small League 11 of 10


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