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People’s Sports: The AFC Champions League re -ignites the Three Teams of the Super League to win?

Source: Ou Xingrong People’s Sports

The 2021 AFC Champions League beacon will be resurrected. The competitions of 5 groups in East Asia will start this week. Among them, the competitions of Group F, G and J Group are held in Thailand, and the competitions of Group H and Group I are held in Uzbekistan. The group stage schedule did not end from June 22nd to July 11th. There were somewhat “collision” with the Chinese Super League schedule. The three Chinese Super League teams participating in the AFC Champions League in Guangzhou, Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Harbor were helpless. The “Quanhua Class” youth troops are expected to exercise young players.

The Chinese Super League team sent youth troops to exist

Beijing Guoan has arrived in Tashkeng in Uzbekistan on June 18 to prepare to participate in the competition of Group I. The team is composed of a total of 21 players in the first team and the U21 echelon. It is mainly U21 players. The average age is only 20.9 years old. There are four players in the first team: Guo Quanbo, Li Boxi, Xie Longfei and Jiang Wenhao, and four players representing the National Youth Team participated in the Chinese League B: Liang Shaowen, Ruan Qilong, Duan Dezhi and Hu Jiaqi. The Guoan team’s opponents in the same group were the Filipino City, the Kawasaki striker in Japan, and the Daegu FC in South Korea.

Shanghai Harbor arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on June 19th. Only 20 players were collected. Among them, the first -team players were Nie Meng and Lei Wenjie. Players, the other are basically reserve players, and only one goalkeeper. The Japanese youth training consultant, Kim Jonglong, was commanded, and Wu Bing, who has been training, served as an assistant coach. The Harbor Team will first play the game on June 23, and the opponent is the Philippine Kaya FC team. If you lose, go back to the house directly; if you are promoted smoothly, continue to stay in Thailand to participate in the competition in Group F. The same group of opponents include South Korea’s Ulshan Modern, Vietnam Telecom and Thai Super Champion Bhaona.

The Guangzhou team was at the latest of the third team of the Chinese Super League. They reported the list of 30 people and arrived in Wurinan in Thailand on June 20. The team is composed of the reserve team players and Evergrande Football School. The average age is only 19.2 years old, and led the team command as the head coach of the reserve team Liu Zhiyu. Among them, Yang Dejiang, Li Xingxian, Wu Junhao, and Chen Zhengzheng have entered the list of 23 Super League competitions this season. 8 people including Zhang Zhihao, Luo Junhan, Guo Jiayu, Chen Guanxuan have received the first stage of the Super League. League game experience. The Guangzhou team J opponents are Sakura in Osaka, Japan, Jiezhi, China, and Thailand, Thailand.

The focus is on the exercise team and hope that this trip

The third team of the Chinese Super League sent the “Quanhua Class” youth troops this time, and it has set the record of the average age of the AFC Champions League players in the history of their respective teams. It is helpless. As the global epidemic is still repeated, the AFC Champions League group stage has been postponed again and again, and it was finally finalized to finalize the place and the date of the schedule. The original main and away game system was changed to the competition system. As a result, the original preparation plans for the participating teams, the Australian three teams simply chose to withdraw from this year’s AFC Champions League.

After the first stage of the Super League in mid -May, the teams are currently in the preparation stage. The “national foot” of these three teams will return to the country with the top forty competition. It can only be returned in early July, and it must not be able to catch up with the AFC Champions League group stage. If the teams will play the main players in the first line, the fastest will take July 10 after the 6 AFC Champions League group stage. If they accept medical isolation, I am afraid that they will not be able to catch up with the Chinese Super League planned to restart in mid -July.

Therefore, the three teams of the Chinese Super League did not make an appointment to focus on the future and exercise young players as the main purpose, and sent the youth troops based on echelon players. However, the same group of rivals, the Japanese and Korean teams, are reluctant to give up the AFC Champions League. Basically, they are the main players. The strength of these three youth troops is difficult to compete with it. How the youth army avoids losing a large score or striving for the goal on the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention, or striving to score the goal. It will be the most realistic goal. Of course, if you can achieve a victory, it is a great surprise. I hope that young players can seize this rare opportunity and bloom on the field.

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