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Pedro: Congratulations to the players for achieving important victories and serious preparing for the final battle

On the evening of December 27, the 2022 season of the Chinese Super League ended the 33rd round of competition, and the Wuhan Three Town Team defeated the Zhejiang team 2-0 at home.After the game, the head coach of the Wuhan Three Town Team Pedro attended the press conference.

During the review of this game, the coach of Wuhan Three Town Team Pedro said: “Thanks to our players, all the players want to do their best for the club throughout the season.Ranking third in the standings, they also achieved a good ranking through their own efforts. Today’s game is very stuck. Overall, our players try to achieve their best side. From the beginning to the present, the players have shown it.The best spirit, congratulations to the players for a victory. “

When talking about pre -match deployment, Pedro said: “I don’t have too much to mobilize the players. Our players also know the importance of this game. At this time, players don’t need to mobilize too much.They know that everyone’s duty work, how to play every game, each of us is preparing for the battle carefully, trying to win the game. “

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  1. The two sides are consistent.If you want to abandon the game, you will participate in the competition.

  2. The new crown automatically generates

  3. It is said that the handicap is the home team to let 1.5 goals, really accurate

  4. Will this shout and vowed to go to the Chinese Football Association blood battle to the end?Hahahahahahahahahahajia and Donkey Ning will fulfill everything in the three towns.The hard regulations for retirement.Guoan went to Hejian Prefecture to recruit 20 kills of the Malaysians overnight, and repaid the list of the Football Association.

  5. You can represent Guoan?

  6. Guoan is fine, the three towns will not be upset, just lose 0:10 and lose it. It has nothing to do with Guoan. If Taishan can do it,It ’s a real cow

  7. Children who can cry with milk

  8. Guoan is troublesome, and Shandong is unhappy, and continues to lose to 0-8 Wuhan.

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