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Pa Pamekano: Bayern’s contact made me proud to decide to stay in the Bundesliga and not spent too long

Upamecano has been discussing his decision to leave RB Leipzig transfer to Bayern Munich, and the French defender even rejected the invitation from the Premier League team for this.

The 22 -year -old central defender will play for the defending champion of the Bundesliga next season, and Bayern Munich pays him 42.5 million euros of the termination of RB Leipzig.

There are many options for Upamecano. Manchester United and Liverpool are said to be his potential pursuits, but he believes that German football is the best choice for his long -term future.

When I revealed why I transferred to Bayern, Upamecano told Sportbuzzer: “I don’t use much time, I am sure I want to stay in Germany and stay in the Bundesliga. I like the level of the game here, fans and stadiums.”

“When Bayern gets in touch with you, you will feel very proud. There is nothing club that is higher than this level, especially when you played in RB Leipzig before.”

Familiar faces are accompanied by your side, and Upamecano’s adaptation to Munich’s life should be easier.

Julian Nagslman is preparing to transfer to Bayern Munich from RB Leipzig. The 33 -year -old player was appointed as the successor of Hans Frick, who was about to leave.

Upamecano added: “He is a great coach. We are not thinking about next season. We are considering this season. We want to win the trophy against Dortmund and surpass our best 2016-2017 season. Performance.”

RB Ripzig defeated Yunda Bowome 2-1 and advanced to the German Cup finals, which means that they will have the opportunity to get an important trophy in the match against Dortmund on May 13.

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